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Clinical Simulation Fellowships

The NHS South of England (Central) SHA  recruits a new intake of Clinical Simulation Fellows every year. These Fellows are supported in planning and developing brand new educational simulation packages that can be used across the region.

Clinical Simulation Fellows 2011

Our group of seven Fellows in 2011 developed unique simulation projects focusing on patient safety. They presented their projects at the 4th Annual Clinical Simulation Conference in November 2011.

Clinical Simulation Fellows 2012

In 2012 we have continued with our work on patient safety and have also started curriculum mapping within the Foundation and Anaesthetic schools. The 2012 cohort of Fellows presented their projects at the 5th Annual Clinical Simulation Conference in November 2012.

Clinical Simulation Fellows 2012-2013

In response to local demand we have continued with curriculum mapping within the following schools: Care of the Elderly, Emergency Medicine, General Practice, Paediatrics, Psychiatry and Surgery. These six-month Fellowships started in September 2012.

Clinical Simulation Fellows 2013 -2014

Following the publication of the Francis Report this group of fellows focused on developing simulation packages to address some of the report’s recommendations including: care of the dementia patient , bever events, paediatric emergencies, post natal haemorrhage and surgical simulation training..

Clinical Simulation Fellows 2014 - 2015

Simulation fellows have been from a variety of backgrounds and are open to all disciplines however the four 2015 Simulation and Human Factors fellows are from the medical professionals.


Future Recruitment for Clinical Simulation Fellows

Opportunities will be advertised on this website


We are delighted to offer Fellowships to health professionals from a wide range of health backgrounds. The Fellowships are intended to promote and develop the use of simulation in different training contexts and to produce a collection of simulation scenarios and education packages.

For information please contact:
Juliet Thorogood Quality Improvement Lead - Innovation & Research



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