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Clinical Simulation Fellows 2013 -2014

Following the publication of the Francis Report this group of fellows focused on developing simulation packages to address some of the report’s recommendations including: care of the dementia patient, never events, paediatric emergencies, post natal haemorrhage and surgical simulation training.


Dr Tom Bennett

Tom is a paediatric trainee with an interest in acute and critical care.  He is passionate about education and improving services for ciritically ill children and their families.  As a self-confessed ‘nerdy computer hobbyist’ he has previously been involved with IT based service development projects such as the set up of the regional PICU retrieval website and programming of a drug calculator for use across the region. 

His simulation project will improve care for critically ill children presenting to district hospitals by developing an outreach simulation program to practice acute situations, develop a team based, standardised approach to unwell children and embed paediatric simulation in the education programs across the Wessex region.


Susan Clarke RGN

Sue Clarke MSc, PGCE, BSc (Hons), RN is a senior nurse in the learning and development department at Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust. Her original career tracks as a nurse in intensive care and coronary care units, to research, and then resuscitation training. After earning a PGCE and then an MSc her career has been firmly embedded in education; her current portfolio includes management and delivery of education ranging from critically ill adults to vulnerable adults, particularly dementia. The link between a clinical career in intensive care and dementia is quite simple - both groups require excellent communication skills, care, and compassion. This can only come from awareness and understanding, Sue will be writing an educational package, using clinical simulation, to increase awareness and understanding dementia.


Ruth Edwards RGN

Ruth is an intensive care nurse who started her work in education at Milton Keynes NHS Foundation Trust in 2010 as a Clinical Skills Instructor.  Since then she has developed an interest in clinical simulation teaching.  During the last year she has taken on the role of Clinical Skills & Simulation Manager within the Trust and with the support of a small but ever-growing faculty, simulation teaching is now delivered weekly for FY1& well as other specialities and disciplines. Her project will be to design and implement an education programme using simulation for staff involved in the care of patients with dementia. 


Dr Guy Hickson

Guy is an Interventional Radiology (IR) registrar in Wessex. He has just completed 3 years of Core Radiology training and has been appointed to an IR run through post. Guy has a broad range of medical experience in acute care specialties prior to radiology and has a particular interest in the use of diagnostic and interventional radiology in the treatment of critically unwell patients.

Guy is currently working with the British Society of Interventional Radiology educational committee to develop simulation based clinical skills courses for IR physicians. This fellowship will focus on improving the integration of IR into the treatment of post partum haemorrhage using simulation.


Miss Joanna Higgins

Joanna is working in Wessex as an ST6 in Trauma and Orthopaedics.  She has had a healthy interest in medical education from university through to the current time, having been involved in medical student teaching, Foundation Programme development and registrar training.  She is a committee member at The Royal College of Surgeons of England, supporting and encouraging doctors into a career in surgery.  Joanna continues to engage in education herself, at present undertaking an MSc in Orthopaedic Engineering.

Joanna is working on a project during her fellowship to create and implement a simulation training programme for Core Trainees in the Wessex Deanery.  She hopes to improve the training and safety of surgeons entering their registrar years.


Dr Prerna Sharma

Prerna is a Portfolio GP, which means that she holds a number of different roles. Currently she is the Clinical Lead of the Willow House Consulting Rooms at the Staines Head Office for Bupa,  a GP Appraiser for the NHS and also works sessions for the local OOH service (EBPC) as well as completing NHS locums.  Prerna also has two young children, who are ‘probably more challenging than all that work put together!’

During her fellowship she will be examining effective  communications and exploring how certain improvements could lead to significant benefits for patients and also those involved in delivering patient care.

She will be looking specifically at a) discharge communication between hospitals and GPs and b) looking at ways to share learning from significant events between GP practices.


Dr Ellie Sproson

Ellie is a graduate of Nottingham Medical School and after completing house jobs in the area spent six months in New Zealand working in various surgical departments enjoying the weekends, exploring and skiing. She returned to the UK to do a two and a half year surgical SHO rotation where she discovered the fabulous speciality of ENT. “ENT is a diverse surgical speciality which relies on you treating your patients both medically and surgically”. She moved to the Wessex region for senior SHO jobs in Portsmouth and then Southampton.  In 2007 she ‘got a training number on the Wessex rotation amongst the MMC chaos’. She is  am currently an ST6 having decided to train less than full time after having her two sons. She has a keen interest in teaching having been an instructor on the Introduction to ENT Course for eight years now. In addition, she organised the national training conference for ENT trainees this year and is currently completing basic science research into nasal polyposis as part of her MSc in allergy.  Her simulation project will improve the outcome of paediatric patients, presenting with airway obstruction, to hospitals within the Wessex Region.


Dr Jai Vedwan

Following graduation from the University of Southampton School of Medicine in 2007 Jai completed his foundation training in Poole then moved to Perth, Western Australia for a year of acute and emergency medicine. He is currently training in Anaesthetics and Intensive Care in the Wessex region with a developing interest in paediatric anaesthesia.

Throughout his career he has maintained an interest in teaching and the use of new methods and mediums to provide training. He believes clinical simulation is one of the most powerful tools available to us and has presented simulation related work at national and international conferences. As a Simulation Fellow he is creating a portfolio of simulation teaching sessions based on Never Events. Out of work Jai is a keen traveller and cyclist when time allows!



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