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Overseas and Refugee Doctors and Dentists

Oxford Deanery and The Dental School welcome doctors and dentists who have qualified outside the UK. There is a long tradition of postgraduate training of overseas-qualified medical professionals, including those who have come to this country as refugees or are seeking political asylum. Such doctors and dentists make a considerable contribution to medicine and there is great mutual benefit to their presence in Britain.

Immigration Rules

Further information on immigration Rules

Induction Courses for International Medical Graduates (IMGs)

Induction Courses for IMGs are held in the Oxford Deanery immediately prior to the August and February intakes of doctors. These are open only to those doctors and dentists of all grades whose primary medical qualification has been obtained outside the UK and who have been appointed to a post in the Oxford Deanery. 

Please email Vicky Beal, PA to Postgraduate Dean for more information about this course.

Clinical Attachments

Clinical attachments (observerships) are useful prior to working in the UK for the first time. These can only be arranged by direct contact with a Consultant or General Practitioner (GP). We advise contacting the Clinical Tutor in the Postgraduate Centre of a hospital within your chosen geographical area. The Clinical Tutor should be able to advise which Consultants may be able to help.

The Deanery is not able to arrange clinical attachments for you. Some hospitals may charge for clinical attachments and generally you will be required to pay for your accommodation.


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