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Out of Programme Experience

The usual purpose of Out of Programme Experience (OOPE) is to allow a trainee to gain additional clinical experience which will benefit the NHS and the trainee, or to enable the trainee to undertake a period of research.
If you are considering taking time out of your training programme, there is a formal process to follow with no guarantee that your proposal will be accepted.
In the first instance you should discuss the procedure with your Programme Director.

Trainees are reminded that should you require this time to count towards your CCT it is your responsibility to obtain a College letter of support clearly stating the amount of time to count and ensure a copy is sent to the Postgraduate Dean's office who will make the application to the GMC for approval on your behalf.

Please note that the GMC DO NOT approve retrospective applications so please make sure that you allow enough time to ensure that any application that HEE Thames Valley make is uploaded to the GMC website BEFORE you commence your out of programme.

Guidelines and Application Forms

General Medical Council (GMC) (previously PMETB) Information


Health Education Thames Valley (formerly Oxford Deanery)


The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges published guidance in April 2012 which has particularly helpful checklists in sections six  and seven for planning both your departure and return to clinical practice.
You will find guidance for Return to Practice here

There have been some recent changes to the NHS Pension Scheme which will directly affect Out of Programme OOPE Trainees. Details of these changes can be found on the Newsletter issued by the NHS Business Services Authority. This newsletter contains details of key contacts if you have any further questions or require more information.


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