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Clinical Simulation Fellows 2011

Our group of seven Fellows in 2011 developed unique simulation projects focusing on patient safety. They presented their projects at the 4th Annual Clinical Simulation Conference in November 2011.

Stathis Altanis

An image of Stathis Altanis - Clinical Simulation Fellow 2011Stathis is a Specialist Registrar in Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Royal Berkshire Hospital. He graduated from Athens University Medical School and has have been doing postgraduate training in Obstetrics and Gynaecology in various hospitals of the Oxford Deanery.

His work interests are Urogynaecology and Labour Ward management. He has pursued postgraduate training in patient safety, clinical risk and quality improvement and has given presentations at local and regional level about incident reporting, medication errors and clinical audits.

 “I believe that the delivery of care should be consistent and reliable at all times and this is what I aim to achieve with my project; a prompt consistent and reliable response to foetal distress in labour.”

Lisa Morgan

An image of Lisa Morgan, Clinical Simulation Fellow 2011Lisa is the Clinical Simulation Tutor based in Winchester and Eastleigh Healthcare Trust. She is a registered nurse with an extensive emergency care background and with an emergency care degree. She is currently studying  to obtain the postgraduate certificate in education. Her current role was a first of its kind within Winchester, and involves delivering simulation training to all staff within Winchester and Eastleigh Healthcare Trust on aspects of acute care that impact on patient safety.

Lisa is working as the Clinical Simulation and Patient Safety Fellow for 12 months for 2 days of the week. This fellowship is giving Lisa the opportunity to undertake a comprehensive cost benefit analysis of simulation training, in particular ‘in situ’ training in the clinical areas. The aim is to link this knowledge with the other projects being run through the fellowship. Overall she is hoping that this project will have a positive impact on the quality of care delivered by all staff through increasing knowledge and heightened awareness of patient safety.

Lisa is married with two young children and enjoys horse riding, gardening and reading.

Sanjay Ramamoorthy

An image of Sanjay Ramamoorthy, Clinical Simulation Fellow 2011Sanjay has been a Consultant In Emergency Medicine for five years having completed his specialist training in NHS South Central. He has always had a strong interest in medical education and obtained a Masters degree from the University of Winchester in 2007. He wrote his dissertation on the role of patient simulation for the education of junior doctors in Emergency Medicine.He has facilitated simulation-based educational programmes for medical and nursing staff in his previous post in Portsmouth. He has also written courses for regional trainees, and is part of the College of Emergency Medicine Simulation group.

He is looking forward to the prospect of this fellowship over 2011, and the opportunity to work closely with groups of doctors and nurses. He is confident that this project will improve the ability of clinicians to recognise and treat sick patients.

He lives in Southampton with his wife and two children and enjoys running and spending time with his family.

Tom Rourke

An image of Tom Rourke, Clinical Simulation Fellow 2011Tom Rourke is currently an Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist Registrar on NHS South Central Rotation. A particular interest of his is medical education and he is due to complete a Masters in Medical Education at Warwick University later this year. Through this period of study he has developed an interest in simulation and has written two masters essays and given presentations on the use of simulation in surgical training. In addition, he is part of the Oxford Surgical Simulation group that aims to incorporate simulation into the surgical curriculum. As a Simulation Fellow for NHS South Central he will endeavour to use simulation in order to develop clinical handover between healthcare professionals to enable an efficient and patient-focused service to be delivered in trusts within NHS South Central.

Rosie Warren

An image of Rosie Warren, Clinical Simulation Fellow 2011Rosie Warren commenced a 0.8 WTE Clinical Simulation and Patient Safety Fellowship in January 2011, funded from NHS Education South Central. The purpose of the fellowship is to use simulation to help build a culture of patient safety within the Trust and region. Rosie is working on a service improvement plan to raise the profile and awareness of VTE assessments in order to reduce risk to patients. Through working closely with the ward clinical staff she will explore barriers to VTE risk assessment and utilise low and high fidelity simulation to bridge gaps in skills and knowledge.

Rosie Warren has a comprehensive clinical background in Critical Care spanning 16yrs. She was a Senior Sister for six years in the general intensive care unit at the Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals Trust, this large busy unit accepts patients from many specialties. She has a special interest in trauma and the transfer of acutely ill patients. Rosie was involved in many aspects of staff training and coordinated the ALERT programme for a period. She has also assisted in the Oxford Deanery FY1 training programme run from OxSim on the John Radcliffe site. Aside from her NHS duties Rosie is a member of the Territorial Army and has completed two operational tours. Within her military training she has been regularly exposed to realistic simulation of ballistic and battle wounds. These experiences have been a very powerful learning medium and developed her keen interest in clinical simulation. 

Jon White

An image of Jon White, Clinical Simulation Fellow 2011Jon White worked in retail management for 13 years before becoming a nurse in 1995. His early clinical work was in orthopaedics and A&E and he has been a Resuscitation Officer for the last 10 years. At present he is running a busy department in Milton Keynes Hospital delivering resuscitation training and simulation education. His passion is teaching and he is currently studying for an MA in Medical Education.

Jon enjoys finding solutions to problems and is comfortable thinking creatively. He is most proud of the work he has done on the Rapid Response Service in MK Hospital, an innovative way of providing support to staff managing an acutely unwell patient, and the development of the hospital’s simulation training facility. Until recently he chaired CPRO, the national organisation for Resuscitation Officers, leading them in relaunching the British Journal of Resuscitation.

Jon is married with two almost grown-up children. Away from work he enjoys cycling, driving a pony and carriage and plays drums in a band.

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