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Intrepid Database

The Intrepid database is a specialist Human Resources (HR) system used in more than 120 NHS trusts.

The database holds two types of information:  

  • Trainees and trainer's personal information 
  • Training post information with details on approval and funding.


Health Education England, Thames Valley and Wessex both use the online version of the Intrepid database - Intrepid TX/V9.  This system is accessible to authorised users via the internet on the Intrepid online website

Please note that we are in the initial stages of rolling out Intrepid Version 10 (V10) to replace V9/TX.

We also support a number of modules that interact with Intrepid TX:

  • CBMS (Course Booking and Management System)
  • CPPS (Career, Performance and Professional Support)
  • Oriel - Konetic and Intrepid Pathway 2014 
  • Survey Module
  • Intrepid Version 10


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