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Study Leave for Doctors

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that doctors in training have access to a standardised system across the Deanery in which applications for study leave are considered on a fair, equitable and consistent basis.

The study leave policy has recently been updated. The new policy is effective from 6 April 2018.

The study leave policy includes guidance on study leave and study budget arrangements for 2018 and beyond. The policy includes travel and subsistence guidance and some frequently asked questions.

Each Specialty School has created a list of essential courses required for curriculum completion.  Please see the relevant links below:


GP trainees in hospital posts please note: reimbursement of your Study Leave expense claims may take up to two months to appear in your salary.  This is due to the cutoff dates in place for both the information to be submitted by the Trust to HEETV, and from HEETV to St Helen's and Knowsley (GP lead employer).

To view the Study Leave Policy click on the link below:


A 'brief guide' to the study leave process is also available, however this should be read in conjunction with the full policy above.

Please also read the list of frequently asked questions and see the Study Leave flow chart.

To view the Study Leave Application Form click on the link below:


Page updated 10 June 2019

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