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HEE Thames Valley Educator Training and Development Requirements

Since July 2016, all Educational Supervisors and ‘Named Clinical’ Supervisors are required to have been trained for the role. The definitions of these roles is in the GMC's implementation plan for the Approval and Recognition of trainers (pdf), and the Oxford Deanery's Policy for Approving and Recognising Medical and Dental trainers (excluding General Practice) (pdf), Health Education England.

HEE Thames Valley is required to ensure provision of high quality ‘baseline’ training and also continuing professional development in medical education.

HEE TV has also agreed with all eight Trusts that through job planning and appraisal mechanisms that a trainer’s role will be captured in the ‘whole scope of practice’ reviewed by these processes. In 2016 we launched the Tripartite Educational Agreement (TEA), which details the roles and responsibilities of HEE TV, the trainer, and their employer. In particular, this paper outlines that time should be job planned and remunerated, at 0.25PA per trainee per week, or 42 hours per annum, which should facilitate discussions between an individual Educational Supervisor and their employing Trust around recognition of their role in terms of annual job planning and appraisal.

Format for Educational Supervisor Training

The 2019 policy with training requirements can be found here

Ongoing CPD

ALL supervisors should be able to show evidence of FOUR hours of 'educational CPD' annually in their appraisals to maintain their ES status. This might include HEE TV workshops (all of which are free), Foundation ARCP panel membership (one panel per annum), trainer events at the Colleges, delivering training as  faculty in simulation or human factors etc. HEE TV events may be advertised through your Trust Post-Graduate or education Centres (emails and posters) and booked though the CBMS system need to insert button here HEE TV Faculty days for your specialty are normally cascaded through the TPD / College Tutors.

Registers of trained trainers are held at each Trust

It is your responsibility to ensure the data is accurate as you will not be allocated trainees, nor time in your job plan if you are unable to confirm to your DME / postgraduate centre manager, when asked to confirm that you are up to date with training requirements. 

The GMC register

You have to be on your employer’s register as having been trained, for HEE TV to send details to the GMC for your status as a recognised trainer to be acknowledged on your ‘Doctors Details’ entry on the GMC website. At present this update is done annually, and cannot be done by an individual.


'Virtual Bookshelf' - online resources for Supervisors

BookshelfAny supervisor, whether Clinical or Educational, should find the links to the resources below a valuable resource to support them in their supervisory role(s):

Field Guide for Supervisors

Health Education England, Thames Valley has written a Field Guide for Supervisors of Medical and Dental trainees (excluding General Practice) which is to be used as a reference tool for supervisors of trainees.
Download the electronic version below:
Field Guide for Supervisors of Medical and Dental trainees working in the Oxford Postgraduate Medical and Dental Programmes (pdf) (PGMDE) (excluding training in General Practice).

Professional Development (educator CPD) Framework

This document has been adapted from previous work undertaken by the London Deanery and expands the narrative currently available on this bookshelf and website for demonstrating scope of educational practice for annual appraisal of those engaged in supervision of postgraduate trainees.

Download the Document here (pdf)


Autumn Update for HEE TV Educators and PGMDE Team Slide Sets 2018 

Quality Framework Implementation

Realising professionalism: Standards for education and training together

ARCP Arrangements 2019

Trainee Engagement Event OUH

Transforming The Workforce


Study Leave and budgets

The IMT Programme


Supporting trainees during Serious Incident Investigations



Chairing the ARCP Panel 2018 - Download the slide sets here (pdf)

Download Revalidation Information ARCP Panels here (pdf)

Download Revalidation Information ARCP for Trainees here (pdf)

Download WSOP inc Organisation Sign Off (Word)


Promoting excellence

In 2015 the GMC produced a framework of ten standards for organisations responsible for the training of both medical students and doctors to meet. These are subdivided into five themes.
The standards came into force on 1 January 2016 and replace the older "Tomorrow's Doctors" published in 2009 and standards in "The Trainee Doctor" published in 2011."

Download Standards for medical education and training (Pdf)

Other resources

The Gold Guide: A Reference Guide for Postgraduate Specialty Training in the UK

HEE TV Policy for Approving and Recognising Medical & Dental Trainers (excluding GP) (pdf)

Trainee in Need of Support Policy (pdf) (written by the Professional Support Unit)

HEE TV 'Good Practice in the ARCP in PGME programmes' (pdf)

HEE TV ARCP Training slides for best practice (pdf)

HEE TV 'Pretenders and Bluffers' Guide to Theories of Learning (pdf)

HEE TV Educational Supervisor final report writing information (pdf)

Academy of Medical Royal Colleges - Improving Feedback and Reflection to Improve Learning (pdf)

Academy of Medical Royal Colleges – Interim Guidance on reflective practice 2018 (pdf)

Academy of Medical Royal Colleges – Reflective Practice toolkit August 2018 (pdf)

Academy of Medical Royal Colleges - Guidance on entering information on to e-Portfolios (pdf)

Other development opportunities

Additional, optional workshops and study days are being organised by the HEE TV team, and all information will either be placed on this page as soon as it is released, or emailed to interested parties at the time. Attendees will receive a certificate of attendance for their portfolio and to enable Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points to be applied for.

Orange bracketFor further information on the Educator Development Programme or to book a place on any of the sessions that are advertised, please email or telephone: 01865 785559.


Please note that further training and development courses, including those on Leadership and Management and conferences, are offered by the Health Education England, Thames Valley and Wessex Courses and Conferences Centre. Information on all courses available to Thames Valley area consultants is available in our Courses and Conferences Centre section.  


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