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Leadership and Management

This portfolio consists of fun, interactive and challenging programmes; designed to enhance the skills necessary to be successful in any leadership role.

Image of a student reading a flyerNuts and Bolts in Health Service Management is a highly recommended contemporary course for Senior Trainees / Specialist Registrars in their final 2 years of training, giving an overview of NHS management and how to fulfil CCT requirements prior to becoming a Consultant.  This two-day non-residential programme in the Oxford area is led by faculty members who are experienced in education and also features guest speakers and workshops covering risk management, writing business cases and challenging conversations.

The Masterclasses are multi-professional interactive events which provide a wealth of information and advice, delivered by highly experienced professionals. There are currently two Masterclasses being held, which are a 'Conflict Resolution and Challenging Conversations' and 'Time Management'.   

For further information about any of the courses available,  to book a place on either the above courses or a different event please visit:

CCC Booking Button

Please note that some events are only available for specific staff groups to book on to and therefore you may not be able to see all the events available.

If you have any queries about the courses / events available or a query regarding the Course Booking Management System please email the Thames Valley Centre for Workforce & Educator Development at

Please also visit the page detailing other courses available and our Masterclasses if you are interested in more inter-professional learning opportunities.

NHS Leadership Academy

The Wessex and HEE - TV Leadership Academy offer an online resource and development tool called the Edward Jenner Programme. This is free of charge and open to all NHS staff, and is suitable for all doctors from foundation level onwards. More information can be found by clicking on the link below: 

The Leadership Academy Edward Jenner Programme

For more information on all the Leadership Academy development opportunities, please visit their website at

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