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Dental Study Leave in Health Education England

Thames Valley & Wessex

This page is for Dental Core and Dental Specialty Study Leave Applications only.

******The latest changes to the dental study leave process have now been published. Please refer to the Guide To Study Leave Allowance on page 3 *******


Study budget reforms are being introduced to deliver equity of access to educational resources on individual need and to facilitate improved quality, efficiency, and transparency. The principles for approving study-budget-funded educational activities have been developed through consultation with trainees, their representative bodies, Colleges, Specialty Advisory Committees and Faculties.

A proportion of funding will be pooled from the secondary care/community trust/GDS placements rate to provide support for all trainees irrespective of post type (tariff or Trust-funded).

Health Education England Thames Valley and Wessex will capture data on study budget funded activities from October 2018. Heads of Schools and Training Programme Directors will monitor and evaluate the range of funded educational activity undertaken to ensure that it is fit for purpose, providing quality and value for money.

The new HEE-managed centralised process will make accessing Study Leave and study budgets a more transparent, equitable and streamlined process for all trainees.

Study Leave Budgets DO COVER:

  • Courses/education activities to support trainees to achieve the Curriculum
  • One course to help trainees prepare for a relevant postgraduate exam
  • Discretionary courses that add value to trainees individually and support the wider system


Examples of courses that 'add value' to the individual trainee are:

  • Quality improvement workshops
  • Leadership management courses
  • Healthcare technology and innovation workshops
  • Presenting at scientific conferences (based in the UK)


Study Leave Budgets DO NOT COVER:

  • Royal College membership and e-Portfolio fees
  • Postgraduate exam fees
  • Any statutory or mandatory training required to fulfil your clinical role (this should be provided by your NHS Trust)


Lists of approved courses by training programme/specialty

Dental Core Training

Dental Public Health

Oral Surgery

Special Care Dentistry

Orthodontics pre CCST

Orthodontics post CCST



1) Trainee needs to obtain a signature of their ES on the HEE Dental Study Leave Application Form.

2) Trainee then seeks HEE approval, by sending the form to the DCT or Dental Specialty Coordinator

A signature of the relevant Dental Postgraduate Associate Dean if the course/educational activity you are planning to undertake is not listed on the Health Education England website.

Once reviewed and approved, a scanned in application form will be returned to you via email together with an invoice template.

Retrospectively submitted Application Forms will be automatically rejected.

3) As soon as the application has been approved by the ES AND HEE, the Trainee completes the relevant Trust Study Leave form, attaches evidence of HEE approval and claims expenses within 3 months of the course/educational activity taking place. Scanned copies of the receipts and evidence of course attendance is sent to the DCT or Specialty administrator.

4) Trust sends HEE a spreadsheet with the information regarding processed dental study leave applications.

Trainees based in hospitals will be reimbursed through the salary. Trainees based in dental practices will be reimbursed via BACS.


Related Resources

Application Form

Guide to Study Leave Version 4 Please note changes on page 3 (in RED)

Principles for Approving Educational Activities in Thames Valley and Wessex

Guidance for Travel and Subsistence Expenses

Guidance for attending exam preparation courses and overseas conferences


Education Programme Coordinators:  - Dental Core Training  - Dental Specialty Training


Completed and signed forms should be sent to the following address:

Health Education England Wessex

Dental School

Southern House



SO21 2RU



Last updated 05/07/2019


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