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The Appointment

Improving access to dental services for people with dementia is of paramount importance. It can significantly improve their quality of life and prevent further problems associated with poor oral health. Still from the Appointment

The Appointment” is a short film inspired by an award winning series of films called “Barbara’s Story” that was developed to highlight issues around caring for people with dementia in an acute hospital setting. It is intended to show insight into just how confusing attending a dental appointment can be for someone with dementia and highlights the crucial role played by the whole team, especially receptionists and dental nurses, in supporting vulnerable patients.

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Tips for Trainers

Tips for trainers
  • Dementia training is important and is relevant for all members of the dental team. The principles of caring, compassion, good communication, competence and commitment apply to all patients regardless of their age.
  • Ask the audience to turn off their phones and bleepers at the start
  • This film has been designed to trigger discussion. It is not intended to tell people what to do but to help them to develop a sense of things that they could do.
  • Allow space and time for them to think about what they have seen before you start the discussion.
  • Make the point that there are people who show a caring and compassionate attitude in the film



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