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Vocational Training by Assessment

Advice Sheet for Dentists applying to join a Primary Care Trust ( PCT) Dental Performer List in NHS South Central ( VTA4 )

The Regulations

All dentists who apply to join a PCT dental performers list, unless exempt, must provide evidence of completion of Vocational Training.

To be exempt, a dentist must be a non- UK   EEA national with an appropriate European diploma and General Dental Council ( GDC) registration or have practised in primary care for two years (whole time) within the last four years in community dental service, armed forces or, prior to 1 April 2006, in Personal Dental Services ( PDS ).

Dentists who are not exempt and do not have a Vocational Training ( VT ) number or certificate will need to be assessed by the Deanery and complete any programme of training and period of supervised employment determined by the Postgraduate Dental Dean. At the end of that period the dentist will be required to provide the Dean with a portfolio of evidence to demonstrate that he or she has successfully completed Vocational Training.

If you are in General Practice and already on a performers list but do not have a VT number or certificate you are not exempt from this requirement. This means that if you apply to join a performers list in another PCT or cease NHS practice in the PCT for more than a year you will need to be assessed. Your name will be removed from a PCT performers list if you do not work for the majority of your time in that PCT .

The Application Process

When you apply to join the performers list you will be asked to provide information and documents that will be checked. This can take some time, particularly if you or your referees are slow to respond.

If you are not exempt from VT and cannot produce evidence of completion of Vocational Training your application will be referred by the PCT to NHS  South Central (Oxford & Wessex Deaneries). You will be asked to provide the following documents to the PCT :

  • Copy of list application
  • Current Curriculum Vitae ( CV )
  • Statement of Continuing Professional Development ( CPD ) undertaken in the last three years
  • A current written offer of employment from a dental practice in the PCT area
  • Copy of current GDC practising certificate
  • Clinical references
  • CPD certificates from the last three years. 


The Deanery will then determine whether you need to undertake a period of supervised training.

If so, the process is as follows:

Stage 1

An appointment will be arranged for a PCT Dental Practice Adviser to visit your practice to ensure the practice meets PCT standards. If the practice has recently been inspected by the PCT within the last 12 months and all outstanding matters have been addressed then a new visit is not required.

Stage 2

When the practice has met the PCT standards the Deanery will arrange for a Vocational Training Adviser or experienced Trainer to carry out an education assessment to ensure that you will be working in a practice with an experienced dentist who will be able to provide you with the support and guidance needed to achieve a Vocational Training certificate. There will be an estimated charge of £500 for this assessment.

You will not be able to see NHS patients in this practice if the practice or the trainer fails to meet the required standard.

Stage 3

It will be necessary for your supervising dentist to sign an education agreement with the Deanery and you will need a written contract with your supervisor. You will also need to sign an agreement as a Vocational Trainee with the Deaneries. This will clarify what is expected by all parties.

Stage 4

The Vocational Training Adviser or experienced Trainer will agree a Personal Development Plan ( PDP ) with you that will outline the period of time you need to spend in supervised practice, the training required and what you need to do to develop a portfolio.

When stages 3 and 4 have been completed, the Dean will recommend to the PCT that your name is included in the PCT Performers List as a dentist undertaking Vocational Training for a period not exceeding 12 months.

Stage 5

Two months before the end of your period time in supervised practice you will be required to submit a portfolio of evidence to the Dean for assessment against national standards agreed by the Committee of Postgraduate Deans and Directors ( COPDEND ).

All Vocational Training should be completed within a maximum of 12 months and if your portfolio does not demonstrate evidence of achievement of competencies the PCT will be informed.

You are not allowed to work in more than one practice without the written consent of your supervising dentist and the approval of the Vocational Training Adviser.

Your supervising dentist will be required to be on the premises where you are treating patients for a minimum of three days per week and to have a NHS commitment.

A dentist may ask the Deanery to assess their portfolio irrespective of whether they have a job offer or not. The Deanery may charge for this if there is evidence that the dentist has been assessed by another Deanery.



Oxford & Wessex Deaneries

Janine Brookes - Associate Dental Dean


Tel . (Work/Work Mobile): 01865 740650 (Liz Hennessy – Administrator)


Lauren May – VT by Assessment Administrator


Tel . (Work/Work Mobile): 01962 718436


Hampshire & Isle of Wight  PCT s

Elaine Hughes – Hampshire and Isle of Wight  PPSA

Tel. (Work/Work Mobile): 01962 876651


Berks, Bucks, Oxford, Milton Keynes PCT s

Jackie Serjent – Thames Valley PCA (Senior Dental Contracts Officer)

Tel. (Work/Work Mobile): 0118 9183370

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