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Professional Development

Continuing Professional Development ( CPD )

Once qualified you are required to keep your skills and knowledge up to date through a programme of Continuing Professional Development. You can also improve your career prospects by taking further qualifications in subjects such as oral health education, dental sedation nursing and dental anaesthetic nursing.

What is Continuing Professional Development?

Continuing Professional Development is simply a method of ensuring that you achieve the right abilities to do your job and maintain/enhance your expertise. It embraces everything that you do to improve your job performance and your lifelong employability.

You need to gain 150 hours of CPD in any five year period and certain courses have been stated by the GDC as compulsory for Dental Care Professionals, these are:

  • Medical emergencies
  • Disinfection and decontamination
  • Radiography and radiation protection

50 of your CPD hours need to be ‘verifiable’, which means the course or study day you attend has clear educational objectives and outcomes. You will be able to leave feedback via an evaluation sheet or questionnaire and you will leave with a Certificate of Attendance as proof. The remaining 100 hours can be ‘general’ or ‘non- verifiable’. These are the hours you may spend reading journals, researching on-line, or doing in-house training, and they must be recorded in addition to your verifiable hours.

Health Education Thames Valley & Wessex Dental School run a comprehensive Continuing Professional Development programme for dental teams and specific CPD course programmes for dental nurses. These courses are available in Portsmouth, Southampton, Winchester, Basingstoke, Oxford and surrounding areas and the Isle of Wight.To view courses and book online, visit the Course Booking Page.

You can also download this template for your to record your CPD hours.

For more information on Continuing Professional Development for Dental Care Professionals, please visit the General Dental Council's website.

Personal Development Plan ( PDP ) and Portfolio

Personal development planning will help you to achieve your potential by identifying skill gaps and areas for improvement, as well as highlighting career opportunities. Embarking on your first PDP can be daunting, but with the right approach it can also be highly satisfying and even fun! The Dental School Tutors and Facilitators are here to help with any issues/problems or queries, so please make contact with any of them and they will be happy to help you.

Use this guide with built-in template to plan your personal development properly.

Your Professional Portfolio can be used to show that you are attending and recording CPD activities and hours. It is a useful tool that includes your latest Curriculum Vitae ( CV ), job description, diary sheets and even self reflective reports. 


Additional Qualifications

There are various different additional qualifications available to Dental Nurses, including the Certificate in Oral Health Education, Certificate in Dental Anaesthetic Nursing, Certificate in Orthodontic Nursing, Dental Sedation, Certificate in Special Care Dental Nursing and Dental Radiography. The British Dental Association (BDA) and National Examining Board For Dental Nurses ( NEBDN ) both offer various post-registration qualifications for Dental Care Professionals. The Oxford & Wessex Dental School also provides courses which enable DCP s to carry out extended duties such as taking impressions, applying fluoride and taking shades.

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