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The Oxford PGMDE Educator Development Strategy - Educator Training

Following the GMC's implementation plan for the Approval and Recognition of trainers (pdf) and the Oxford Deanery's Policy for Approving and Recognising Medical and Dental trainers (excluding General Practice) (pdf), Health Education England, Thames Valley local office aims to provide on going, recurring training across the Thames Valley.

Also to enable Educational and Clinical Supervisors to comply with GMC requirements and demonstrate their competency to practice, and to facilitate discussions between an individual Educational Supervisor and their employing Trust around recognition of their role in terms of annual job planning and appraisal.

As other suitable course for educator training. These are not funded by HEE TV from any  funding stream held in the Local Office. Doctors may use study leave budgets through the usual routes  or fund directly.


The Doctors as Educators Programme

The Royal College of Physicians in London offer The 'Doctors as Educators' programme consists of one-day and two-day interactive 'teach the teacher' workshops. Delegates take part in group discussions and problem-based activities, whilst having the opportunity to practise key educational skills.

The 'Doctors as Educators' programme is suitable for doctors of all grades and all specialties. The workshops within the RCP 'Doctors as Educators' programme are:


Details are available on the RCP London website


Post Graduate Certificate and a Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Education

Oxford Brookes University offer both a Post Graduate Certificate and a Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Education. The programmes run  over an academic year, comprising of three non-residential modules .

 The Certificate covers:

  • Adult Learning
  • Clinical education
  • Leading learning in Clinical education


The Diploma covers:

  • Improving Patient Care Through Learning and Teaching
  • Assessment and Evaluation
  • Transforming Learning in Groups and Teams


The programmes include small group work and tutors which provide  personalised support. Credits towards a  Master’s degree are earned on these programmes. A small number of  bursaries for senior secondary care educators may be available annually and will be publicized  through the Heads of School email cascades.

Each module costs £750. Details can be supplied by Barbara Gow, Thames Valley GP school manager at or Katy Newell Jones, course director, at


Developing Learning and Teaching for Medical Educators

The Oxford Learning Institute has a new programme accredited by the Academy of Medical Educators, Developing Learning and Teaching for Medical Educators.

The programme aims to support medical educators in developing as teachers and clinical and educational supervisors and enable them to gain formal certification in teaching. It comprises one day workshop, and an optional follow up session for those wishing to pursue formal qualifications from the AoME after completion of the following:

  • Peer observation and feedback
  • Collect, analyse and put into use “speedy feedback” from students
  • Read selected articles from the recommended readings below and further readings in the Developing Learning and Teaching (DLT) handbook
  • Write a DLT portfolio toward gaining a formal qualification in teaching in higher education.  Bring an outline for feedback to the follow-up.

Contact Kathleen Quinlan at for further information


Blended Programmes in Medical Education

The International Association for Medical Education (AMEE)  offer a number of web-based blended programmes in medical education throughout the year and some face to face workshops at the annual AMEE meeting.
Details on the full range can be accessed at the AMEE website


New Format for Educational Supervisor Training

From 2015 the provision of training will change to a more simplified format:

Educational Supervisors

Sessions have been simplified so that instead of three half-day courses, all educational supervisors should complete an online training package (provided by HEE TV via Edgecumbe) and attend a one-day workshop which will focus on development as an ES rather than dictatic training. 

One-day workshops will be provided either in Trust Postgraduate Centres or a local conference venue / hotel and all refreshments and lunch will be provided, with the day being entirely free of charge; the ES will need to utilise one day from their study leave allowance to attend. 

To receive login credentials to complete the Edgecumbe online training resource please email and more information on this tool can be found by downloading the Online Supervisor Training flyer (pdf)

Staff at the OUH can email Becca Hodgson in the Trust Education Centre to receive login details for tle miad, which is the Trust's online ES training resource (OUH staff will eventually transfer over to the Edgecumbe resource when miad licences have been exhausted).

Supporting information for Educational Supervisors in moving to the new One-Day workshop format from April 2015 (pdf)

Clinical Supervisors

Named clinical supervisors (not all specialties have this role) need to complete the online package only (please email a request to for login credentials to be set up for you).

The online package can be done on most PCs or laptops but is not configured for tablets or smartphones at this time


Educational Supervisor Workshops 2017

New dates for HEE TV Educational Supervisor workshops are as follows:

Aylesbury &
High Wycombe area:
Milton Keynes area: Oxford area: Reading area: Slough area:
  • TBC


  • 24/05/2017
  • 11/05/2017
  • 30/06/2017
  • TBC
  • 10/05/2017


To book an event, please visit the CBMS Website:

CCC Booking Button

Course Booking Management System – Registration & Booking Instructions (pdf)


'Virtual Bookshelf' - online resources for Supervisors

BookshelfAny supervisor, whether Clinical or Educational, should find the links to the resources below a valuable resource to support them in their supervisory role(s):

Field Guide for Supervisors

Health Education England, Thames Valley has written a Field Guide for Supervisors of Medical and Dental trainees (excluding General Practice) which is to be used as a reference tool for supervisors of trainees.
Download the electronic version below:
Field Guide for Supervisors of Medical and Dental trainees working in the Oxford Postgraduate Medical and Dental Programmes (pdf) (PGMDE) (excluding training in General Practice).

Professional Development (educator CPD) Framework

This document has been adapted from previous work undertaken by the London Deanery and expands the narrative currently available on this bookshelf and website for demonstrating scope of educational practice for annual appraisal of those engaged in supervision of postgraduate trainees.

Download the Document here (pdf)

Chairing the ARCP panel 2017

Download the slide sets here (pdf)

Download Revalidation Information ARCP Panels here (pdf)

Download Revalidation Information ARCP for Trainees here (pdf)

Download WSOP inc Organisation Sign Off (Word)


Other resources

The Gold Guide: A Reference Guide for Postgraduate Specialty Training in the UK

HEE TV Policy for Approving and Recognising Medical & Dental Trainers (excluding GP) (pdf)

Trainee in Need of Support Policy (pdf) (written by the Professional Support Unit)

HEE TV 'Good Practice in the ARCP in PGME programmes' (pdf)

HEE TV ARCP Training slides for best practice (pdf)

HEE TV 'Pretenders and Bluffers' Guide to Theories of Learning (pdf)

HEE TV Educational Supervisor final report writing information (pdf)

Other development opportunities

Additional, optional workshops and study days are being organised by the HEE TV team, and all information will either be placed on this page as soon as it is released, or emailed to interested parties at the time. Attendees will receive a certificate of attendance for their portfolio and to enable Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points to be applied for.

Orange bracketFor further information on the Educator Development Programme or to book a place on any of the sessions that are advertised, please email or telephone: 01865 785559.


Please note that further training and development courses, including those on Leadership and Management and conferences, are offered by the Health Education England, Thames Valley and Wessex Courses and Conferences Centre. Information on all courses available to Thames Valley area consultants is available in the Courses and Conferences Centre section on our website.  


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