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Annual HEE TV Educator Study Day 2014

On Wednesday 19 November, HEE TV held the Annual Educator Study Day, an event to support all those involved in delivering excellent education and training, while also recognising and celebrating their contribution.

Each year, HEE TV's Postgraduate Medical and Education (PGME) team deliver the Annual Educator Study Day as a means of bringing together senior medical educators from across the Thames Valley, together with HEE TV's own Deanery faculty and wider staff. The day provides a development opportunity for those involved in delivering education.

With around 100 delegates, this year was the first multi-professional event, with senior medical educators by representatives from other professions, including learning and education leads from nursing, midwifery and other healthcare professions from across NHS providers in the Thames Valley.

Keynote speakers included Professor Jan Illing, Health Director of the Centre for Medical Education Research, who discussed: "Professionalism - can it be taught?". Updates on the ongoing GMC Regional Visit were given, with valuable contributions made by those Local Education Providers who have already been visited, as well as looking ahead to the GMC attending HEE TV next week (27/28 November).

Elective workshops gave delegates further opportunities to learn new skills, from sessions on effective feedback, opportunities to improve care quality and how to address undermining behaviours. The highlight this year was a contribution by Flying Officer & Squadron Leader Dheeraj Bhasin, British Airways and former RAF combat pilot, who spoke on risk management and error-reduction. These themes were taken through to the British Airways Flight Simulator machine for delegates to experience first-hand risk management from different perspectives.

Dr Michael Bannon, Postgraduate Dean, HEE TV, said:

"We attract some of the highest achieving junior doctors to train in the Thames Valley, and similarly highly motivated and skilled students training to join other healthcare professions, and it is our commitment that we provide the very best education and training for them, delivered through our team of skilled and dedicated faculty of educators and trainers. It is through this high quality education and training, right across the workforce, that we will ensure we develop professionals who have not only the right skills, but also values and behaviours which will deliver care which is of the highest standard.

"The Educator Study Day is our opportunity to ensure that we are supporting these educators; keeping them up to date, giving them new skills and helping to share the best practice which we have here in the region. It is rightly a badge of honour to be an educator, as it is through their work that we create the very best doctors and healthcare professionals who in turn deliver great care to patients.

"My thanks to all those who made the day such a success, particularly Miss Jane Siddall, Associate Dean for Educator Faculty Development who led the day, supported by many people."

You can download a copy of the brochure for the day which contains the full programme and details of the workshops, biographies for the speakers and other news from the wider Health Education England remit.

Annual HEE TV PGMDE Educators' Study Day 2013

The annual HEE TV PGMDE Educators' Study Day 2013 took place on Wednesday 13 November 2013 at Milton Hill House Hotel.  This was the first event of its kind since the creation of the LETBs (Local Education Training Boards) and was once again open to all Educators, SAS Tutors, HEE TV and GP Associate Deans, Trust Medical Education Managers and HEE TV administrative staff.  Further information on the event is available on a dedicated page on the HEE TV website.

A copy of the full programme, containing biographies for all the speakers and news of other recent events that have taken place that HEE TV have been involved in, can be obtained by clicking on the link below.

Autumn Update and Annual Educator Study Day 2013


Annual Oxford PGMDE Educators' Study Day 2012

The Annual Oxford PGMDE Educators' Study Day 2012 took place on Wednesday 14 November 2012 at the Oxford Belfry Hotel. Once again invitations were open to all Oxford Educators along with SAS Tutors, GP Associate Deans, senior clinical staff, Trust Medical Education Managers and Deanery staff. 

The focus for this year’s event was around the creation of Health Education England and the Local Education Training Boards (LETBs) as part of the NHS reforms.

The evening lecture was delivered by Sir Keith Pearson, Chair of Health Education England (HEE) and lectures during the Study Day the following day were delivered by, amongst others, Professor Malcolm Lewis, Chair of the General Medical Council (GMC) Continued Practice, Revalidation & Registration Board, and workshops exploring  opportunities for inter-professional training led by Professor Hugh Barr, a session on giving effective feedback for Educational and Clinical supervisors by Dr Greg Simons, Associate GP Dean, and a highly interactive session on Simulation in Postgraduate Training.

For the first time this year the Deanery created a full colour brochure for use at the event, which contained an introduction by Dr Michael Bannon, Postgraduate Dean along with biographies on all the Deanery's Associate Deans and speakers. A full programme of the day's events was also included in the brochure, copies of which are available from the Deanery's offices at the Triangle, or can be downloaded using the link below. Also listed below are copies of the presentations that were given by the speakers:

Oxford Deanery Annual Educator Study Day 2012 (full colour brochure)


Annual Oxford PGMDE Educators Study Day 2011

The Annual Oxford PGMDE Educators Study Day 2011-12 took place at The Oxford Belfry Hotel, Thame on Wednesday 16 November 2011. The Study Day was open for all Oxford Educators (Heads of School, DMEs, TPDs) and other senior clinical staff associated with the delivery of Postgraduate Education.

The event included a session by Healthcare Law Firm Capsticks Solicitors on good recruitment practice, handling legal pitfalls and Freedom of Information requests. In addition there were workshops available in the afternoon sessions.

You can download a copy of the programme of the day and in addition, presentations given by the keynote speakers are listed below:


If you would like any further information about the events, please email Ruth Crawley, Manager - Medical Educators on .

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