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MedicCareers Workshops

Three free workshops, all half days, run by career leads. Check with your Postgraduate or Education Centre Manager to see when the next workshops appropriate for your level will be taking place.

MedicCareers I

This is aimed at Foundation Yr 1 doctors contemplating which specialty to apply for.  What do you want out of your career? What are the routes into training?  What’s the bigger picture in medical education and how is it changing? With exercises to help you assess your skills and aptitudes and reflect on your experiences in medical school and the Foundation programme  so far. A detailed handbook helps you identify factors that may affect your choice of specialty and provides a framework for action-planning.  

MedicCareers II

This second workshop is for doctors in Foundation Yr 2, whether or not you have decided which specialty to apply for.  How does recruitment work and what can you do to demonstrate commitment to specialty? With lots of practical guidance on compiling your CV, building an effective portfolio and preparing for interviews.  Plus up to date information on changes in medical education.

MedicCareers: Helping trainees with career decisions

This workshop for educational supervisors, particularly those supervising F2s, proposes a four-stage framework for supporting trainees in career decision-making. With practical information on the current system of recruitment to specialty and a chance to observe and practise mentoring skills for non-directive career discussions.

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