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NHS Careers

Please use the links to seek NHS career advice about these specialised areas:

Allied Health Professionals Opportunities include: Art Therapy; Chiropody and Podiatry; Dietetics; Operating Department Practice; Orthoptics; Occupational Therapy; Physiotherapy; Prosthetics and Orthotics; Psychology; Radiotherapy; Speech and Language Therapy
Ambulance Opportunities include: Ambulance Care Assistant; Ambulance Technician; Call Handler; Emergency Care Assistant; Emergency Care Practitioner; Emergency Medical Dispatcher; Paramedic; Patient Transport Services (PTS) Controller
Dental Opportunities include: Dentists; Dental Nurses; Dental Hygienists; Dental Therapists; Dental Technicians
Health Informatics Opportunities include: Information and Communication Technology (ICT); Knowledge Management; Information Management; Clinical Informatics
Healthcare Sciences Opportunities include: a vital role in prevention of illness; treatment of medical conditions; rehabilitation; preparation of operating rooms; tissue sample analysis; results research
Management Opportunities include: General Managers; Estates and Facilities Managers; Practice Managers; Information Managers; Financial Managers; Clinical Managers; Human Resources or Personnel Managers 
Midwifery Opportunities include: working in the hospital and in the community; antenatal care; delivery; postnatal care; counselling; support; education and preparing for parenthood
Nursing Opportunities include: Adult Nurses; Mental Health Nurses; Children's Nurses; Learning Disability Nurses; District Nurses; Neonatal Nursing; Health Visitors; Practice Nurses; Prison Nurses; School Nurses; Healthcare Assistants;
Wider Workforce Teams The different areas include: Administration; Estates; Corporate Services; Clinical Support Services; Domestic Services; Support Services

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