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Assessment of Foundation or Equivalent Competencies for Specialty Recruitment 2016

Important Information: Please read the following information carefully. Failure to follow these instructions could result in your application being withdrawn.

The 2016 person specifications for Specialty Training require applicants to demonstrate achievement of Foundation or equivalent competences in line with GMC standards/Good Medical Practice including:

  • Make the care of your patient the first concern
  • Protect and promote the health of patients and of the public
  • Provide a good standard of practice and care
  • Treat patients as individuals and respect their dignity
  • Work in partnership with patients
  • Be honest and open and act with integrity. 


The application forms for each specialty contain a number of questions designed to assess your eligibility to apply for a training programme and to help you determine the most appropriate form of evidence to support your application. Candidates can demonstrate achievement of foundation or equivalent competencies in a number of ways:

Current UK Foundation Programme Trainees

  • If you are currently undertaking a foundation programme in the UK, then any offer of a training programme will be conditional upon the successful completion of this programme and the award of an FACD 5.2 by 04 August 2016. You are required to bring evidence to your interview to prove that you are on on course to obtain your FACD 5.2. Evidence should consist of your FACD 5.1 or a letter from your Foundation School, Educational Supervisor or equivalent stating that you are on course to obtain your FACD 5.2.  
  • Please note that if successful, you will be required to submit FACD 5.2 with your Form R.
  • If you are undertaking a “stand alone” FY2 posts that is not part of a recognised foundation programme attached to a UK Foundation School then you must answer no to this question (“Are you currently on a UK Foundation Year 2 Programme?”) and you will be required to submit alternative evidence as detailed below.


Previous UK Foundation Programme Trainees

  • If you have successfully completed a two year UK foundation programme within the last 3 years (i.e. since 1 January 2013), you will be asked to confirm that you have been awarded a FACD 5.2. Please note you will be asked to provide the original certificate when you attend your interview.


Trainees Who Have Not Undertaken or Completed a Foundation Programme Within the Last Three Years

  • If you have not undertaken a UK foundation programme within the last 3 years, you will be required to submit alternative evidence by asking a Consultant who has supervised you for at least 3 months since 1 August 2013 to confirm your achievement of foundation competencies. You will need to submit either Alternative Certificate A (for specialties with Acute medical responsibilities) or Alternative Certificate B (for specialties without Acute medical responsibilities). You may submit more than one Alternative Certificate from different posts in order to show evidence of achievement of all competencies but the Certificates must relate to posts undertaken for at least 3 months since 1 August 2013. Please note you will be asked to provide the original certificate when you attend your interview.
  • Please note that clinical attachments do not count as experience.


Please note: By allowing applicants to progress to the interview stage without review of the documented evidence of Foundation Competences or equivalent, Health Education Thames Valley has not accepted or confirmed that applicants meet this eligibility requirement. Applicants may still be withdrawn from the application process at any stage, including after the interviews have taken place, if the evidence pertaining to foundation competence is found by Health Education Thames Valley to be unsatisfactory.

This information is relevant to locally recruited posts. Any nationally recruited posts may be managed differently so candidates are advised to refer to the relevant Royal College or Lead Deanery website for further details.

2016 Alternative Certificate confirming achievement of foundation competencies

Guidance notes for Signatories of Foundation Competence Certificate

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