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Internal Application for Oxford Foundation School Academic F2 Programme Commencing August 2019(AF2 Stand-alone posts)

***Internal process for current Oxford Foundation School F1's Only***

The University of Oxford & the Oxford Department of Postgraduate Medical and Dental Education –Year Two Academic Foundation Programme (2019-2020)

We are seeking to appoint three suitable candidates to these innovative one year integrated Academic Foundation Programmes. The posts will be at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust. These rotations are exclusively available to trainees currently undertaking their F1 Foundation training within the Oxford Foundation School. The rotations are aimed at trainees who would like the opportunity to work in an academic environment or who are already committed to an academic career path. These posts will deliver the core competencies of Foundation training and will be enhanced by an academic curriculum.

Rotations change each year due to availability of specialties. Each rotation will always include a 4-month Academic placement. Examples of previous rotations include:


  August - December December - April  April - July
Rotation 1    Academic       GP   Paediatrics
Rotation 2 Psychiatry Academic       Geriatric Medicine
Rotation 3 Academic Psychiatry Cardiology


  August - December December - April April - July
Rotation 1     Sexual Health Academic Orthogeriatrics
Rotation 2 Academic Sexual Health Plastic Surgery     
Rotation 3 Otolaryngology Academic Sexual Health



Application Process

The recruitment to Academic F2 posts is by completion of an application form followed by shortlisting and interview.

All candidates must complete the application form. Candidates should ensure that they follow the instructions carefully especially when answering the questions.

Applications open on 4th February 2019.

Read carefully and complete the below application form:

This above should be completed in accordance with the below guidance:


Please submit your completed application form via email, using F2 AFP Application 2019 as the subject line, to

Applications close on 21st February at 12pm. No applications received after 12pm will be accepted.



All applications will be shortlisted by senior consultants.

Members of the Shortlisting Panel will not have access to the personal details or programme preference sections of your application form.



All applicants will be contacted by email to confirm the application outcomes.

Each shortlisted applicant will undergo two interview stations, one clinical and one academic.

Interviews will be held on 19th March 2019.  Please ensure that you are available to attend on this day. No alternative interview dates are available, and we are unable to accommodate any telephone or Skype interviews. All interviews will be conducted in Oxford.  The interview details will be sent to those shortlisted for interview.

Venue: The Kassam Stadium, Grenoble Road, Oxford, OX4 4XP.


You will not be required to bring your portfolio with you.

The interview panels will not have access to your personal details.


Interview Travel Expenses

For full details please refer to travel expenses claim guidance on our website:


Application Outcomes

All applicants will be notified of the results of their application. Applicants will be contacted by email with an offer of a programme, notification that they are on the reserve list or notification that they have not been successful.

Applicants will not be advised of their position on the reserve list. There is no guarantee that any reserve list candidates will be offered a position as it is possible for all first offers to be accepted.

We are unable to provide any detailed feedback due to the significant number of applications that we receive.


Matching to Programmes

Successful applicants will be matched to specific programmes on the basis of their interview score and preferences. I.e. applicants with the highest scores will be matched to their preferences first.


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