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Recruitment Feedback Process

Health Education England Thames Valley will adhere to any nationally-agreed feedback process which may be in place. Where there is no national process in place, and for any local recruitment which may occur, the following process will be adhered to:

Longlisting Feedback

If you are unsuccessful at the longlisting stage you will be provided with the reason why you were deemed ineligible to progress to the next stage.

Shortlisting Feedback

If shortlisting occurs, candidates will be provided with the following information:

  •        Their overall score
  •         The total score available for shortlisting
  •         The score needed to be invited for interview
  •         Total number of applicants.

Health Education England Thames Valley will be unable to provide you with feedback on the content of your application. If you require further feedback on your application please contact your Educational Supervisor in the first instance and provide them with a copy of your application form and the shortlisting criteria which should be available from either this website or the relevant lead local team / Royal College website. Any requests for further details will be dealt with under the terms of the Data Protection Act.

Interview Feedback

 Following interview, candidates will be provided with the following information:

  •       Overall score and/or rank
  •       Score per station (if applicable)
  •       Maximum score available
  •       The minimum score required to be deemed appointable
  •       The rank required to receive an offer

Please note that shortlisting score breakdowns and interview scoresheets will not be provided as standard. If you wish to obtain this information you will need to submit a Feedback Request Form to the Recruitment Team at , who will deal with the request within 40 calendar days as outlined in the Data Protection Act 1998.

Feedback Request Form

Health Education England Thames Valley retains all recruitment information for a period of 13 months following interview. After this time, all recruitment material other than statistics is destroyed.


Last updated 08/02/2018

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