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Assessment of Core Medical Competencies for Specialty Recruitment 2015

Demonstrating Achievement of Core Competency (Medicine)

To be eligible for consideration for an ST3 medical post, all candidates must demonstrate that they have achieved the required core competencies or equivalent. 

The core (Core Medical Training) competencies required for progression to ST3 level training are listed in the GIM curriculum, which can be accessed via the JRCPTB website. To be eligible for an appointment to an ST3 or above level medical training programme you must be able to prove achievement of all of these competencies; the method by which you can do this will depend on which of the below categories you come under:

1)   You are currently undertaking pre- ST3 UK medical training

Current Core Medical Trainee on year two of the programme

  • If you are currently undertaking a CMT programme (year two) in the UK , then any offer of a training programme will be conditional upon the successful completion of this programme.
  • You must have a satisfactory CT1 level ARCP which you must show at interview, and must be on track to gain a satisfactory CT2 level ARCP .


Current ACCS Trainees

  • If you are on the third year of an ACCS  acute medicine programme you must show that you are on track to gain CMT CT2 competencies by the time of appointment.
  • Candidates on a three year ACCS programme are permitted to leave after two years, provided that they have gained sufficient competencies.


2)   You have already successfully completed pre- ST3 UK medical training

Previous CMT Programme Trainees (post 2007)

  • If you have previously undertaken a CMT training programme and have a satisfactory ARCP outcome at CT2 level, you will be required to present proof of this at interview.
  • Additionally, if you have received your CMT Certificate issued by JRCPTB then you will be required to bring this to interview.


Trainees who have completed a college approved SHO training programme prior to the inception of PMETB approval in August 2007

  • You will be required to show evidence of completion of General Professional Training ( GPT ) in the form of a satisfactory RITA or Educational/Clinical Supervisor’s report.


3)   Candidates not in the above categories

Trainees who have previously undertaken SHO or CMT level training (which may be non-training posts) but do not have adequate proof of training as defined in the above categories

  • If you do not fall into any of the previous categories then it is recommended that you complete the Alternative Certificate of Core Competence.
  • The Certificate C is a list of CMT level competencies as defined in the GIM curriculum and should be completed by a clinician who has supervised your clinical work for a minimum period of three continuous months.
  • For the Certificate to be valid, all competencies must be checked off.
  • Further information on the Certificate C can be found on the ST3 Specialty Recruitment website


Please note that whilst possession of the full MRCP ( UK ) diploma is considered to demonstrate many of the CMT competencies, on its own it is not sufficient proof of all competencies required. 

Important note: By allowing applicants to progress to the interview stage without review of the original documented evidence of Core Competence or equivalent, Health Education Thames Valley has not accepted or confirmed that applicants meet this eligibility requirement. Applicants may still be withdrawn from the application process at any stage, including after the interviews have taken place, if the evidence pertaining to core competence is found by Health Education Thames Valley to be unsatisfactory.

For any further queries please contact the Recruitment Team:

Alternative Certificate

Alternative Certificate for Palliative Medicine Applicants


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