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What to Bring to Interview

The below list details the items that you will need to bring to your interview with Health Education Thames Valley. Please note that specialties which are being recruited to nationally may have different requirements so you are strongly advised to check the guidance provided by the lead College or  LETB for your specialty.

If you are called for interview with Health Education Thames Valley you will be expected to bring both the original and copies of the following documents:


Number of copies


Passport/ ID

1 copy

Valid passport or proof of ID . You will need copies of the photo page and the front cover of the passport.

Right to Work in the UK

1 copy

If non- UK / EEA evidence should consist of a date stamped visa in the passport and any relevant Home Office documentation such as an accompanying letter from the Home Office, Registration Card, Accession Card or Workers' Registration Certificate.


If UK / EEA evidence should consist of a valid passport.

2 Proofs of Address 1 copy of each

Bank statements, utility bills, council tax bills and UK driving licences will be accepted as proof of address. The documents must state your current address and be from within the last 6 months.

GMC / GDC  Registration and Most Recent Renewal Letter

1 copy

Most recent GMC/ GDC  renewal. If you did not receive a renewal certificate or letter from the GMC / GDC then you should print out confirmation of your registration status from the GMC / GDC website.

Evidence of Medical Qualifications

1 copy

Evidence of all qualifications listed on your application form, including College Memberships.


Official translations are required where the original document is not in English.

Foundation and/or Core Competencies Evidence


1 copy

All verified evidence of competencies as cited on your application form.


Please see the Foundation Competencies and Core Medical Competencies pages for further information on this.

ALS Certificate

1 copy

Current ALS Certification from the Resuscitation Council UK or equivalent. If you do not currently hold a valid ALS Certificate then you will need to provide evidence that you have booked to attend an upcoming course.

Proof of English language proficiency (if your undergraduate training was not taught in English)

1 copy

IELTS Certificate at the level specified in the person specification.


Written letter from your current employer or clinical supervisor confirming your language competency.


Evidence Portfolio

You will be required to bring a portfolio of evidence to your interview. The portfolio will be examined by panel members as part of the interview process and should contain evidence to support any statements or claims made on your application form. Although many trainees now use e-portfolio, a hard copy of the evidence contained on the e-portfolio system may need to be brought to interview.      

The portfolio should contain evidence of your attainment of Foundation, Core and/or Higher specialty competencies and should highlight your academic achievements.  You should include such things as Trainers' Reports, Workplace Based Assessments, Audits and Log Books of Clinical Activity.

It is essential that all statements made in your application form can be evidenced through your portfolio.

Evidence portfolio requirements will differ between specialties, so candidates are advised to check with the College/Lead LETB for their specialty for any specific guidance

Please contact if you have any questions.

Please note: Failure to bring any of the above documents may prevent you from participating in the interviews.

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