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Certificates of Sponsorship (Tier 2 Workers)

Any non UK / EEA national seeking entry or permission to remain in the UK for the purpose of employment will require a Certificate of Sponsorship from a government approved licence holder.  Health Education England ( HEE ) is responsible for the sponsorship of Medical and Dental trainees for their Tier 2 visa application. This process is administered by Health Education West Midlands on behalf of HEE .     

If you have been offered a training post with Health Education Thames Valley but will require a Certificate of Sponsorship in order to take up that post, you must contact the Thames Valley Recruitment Team ( as soon as possible after the written job offer has been made to start the process. You will then be sent an application pack and will be required to submit a list of supporting documents to accompany your application.

Further information about Tier 2 sponsorship can be found on the West Midlands specialty training website

The National Sponsorship Team can be contacted via the following email address:

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