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Meet the Team

Responsible Officer and Post Graduate Dean – Dr Michael Bannon

Revalidation and Accreditation Manager - Lisa Edwards

Revalidation and Accreditation Officer - Phil Skeldon

For general revalidation queries please e-mail


I'm a Trainee in the Health Education England - Thames Valley Scheme - what do I need to do?

As a trainee, you will need to 'connect' to us via GMC online. Please follow this link to log on to your GMC Online account.

You will need to select 'Health Education Thames Valley' as your Designated Body with Dr Michael Bannon as your Responsible Officer.

By connecting to us, we will be able to see when your revalidation submission date is approaching and we will be able to submit revalidation recommendations for you.

  • You will need to stay connected to us for the duration of your training.
  • Please connect to us on the day you begin training with us, not before.
  • Dr Bannon will be responsible for making a revalidation recommendation for you to the GMC .


Do Trainees Revalidate?

Yes. All fully registered doctors in the United Kingdom are required to revalidate regardless of whether in training or not.

For information on when and how you revalidate, click the My Revalidation tab




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