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What happens when I leave?

  • Just as you connected to Health Education Thames Valley on your GMC Online account when you began training, you will need to connect to your new designated body when you take up a new role.
  • The GMC provides guidance on who you should connect to, which you will find here.
  • Keep a copy of your final ARCP outcome as you will need to share this with your new Responsible Officer/Designated Body.


Gaps in training, what happens with revalidation?

Please see our guidance on Registration, Licencing and Revalidation


Each organisation has particular appraisal paperwork in place, however there is a range of guidance on the GMC website which you might find useful - Information for licensed doctors.

What do we share with your new Responsible Officer?

Sometimes we are asked by your new designated body for information regarding your revalidation / fitness to practise.

Only relevant revalidation information is shared between your previous Responsible Officer and your new Responsible Officer.

If the last recommendation we made to the GMC was for deferral, we will let them know why. The vast majority of these deferrals are administrative, which we will explain to the new Responsible Officer.

If there were any significant concerns raised during your training then we may share details of these with the new RO.

In these cases we will also share a copy of that information with you.  

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