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My Revalidation

When will I be revalidated?

The GMC will have given you a revalidation submission date. You can check this on your GMC Online account.

All trainees need to be revalidated 5 years after full registration and again when they complete their training, usually known as your Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT).

Once you have had your final Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP) and been awarded your outcome 6, we will organise your final CCT revalidation.

If your submission date is during your training we will aim to make a recommendation to revalidate as long as we have sufficient and up to date information.

For some trainees a deferral may be needed.  This moves your revalidation submission date to allow more time for the submission to be made.  The most common reason for deferral is if you have not had an ARCP within the last 12 months.  Deferrals for this reason are not negative.

Rarely trainees need to be deferred due to an 'ongoing concern' - this could be an SIRI that is still under investigation at the time your submission is due.  If this is the case you will receive an email from us explaining the reason for the deferral and if any further action is required from you.


Do I need to provide anything?

The evidence we use to make a recommendation comes from a variety of sources as you will see from the diagram below.

Evidence Flower

We gather most of the evidence we need without needing to ask you for more. Therefore, it is important that you complete any paperwork required for your ARCP as this is also used for revalidation purposes. For example, the Form R which you will need to complete before each ARCP

Please read our guidance on revalidation and ARCP for trainees. 

A recommendation is based on ALL work undertaken in the past five years. This includes voluntary and locum work. It is important that you declare these activities to the RO using a Whole Scope of Practice (WSOP) form which you can find here.

However, if you have held any non-training posts in the past 5 years we will e-mail you to ask for any appraisal evidence you may have from these posts.

I have received notifications from the GMC. Who should I speak to?

When you receive an e-mail from the GMC it will remind you of the date a recommendation needs to be made.

As long as it names Health Education Thames Valley as your designated body in the e-mail, we will be aware of your submission date and will have this in hand - so please don't panic!

We will ensure that a recommendation is made in time. In peak ARCP season we submit recommendations right up until the day they are due as a result of high work load. Your patience is appreciated at these busy times.

Please do get in touch if you have any questions or concerns regarding this by e-mailing

My revalidation date doesn't match my CCT date - why not?

If we need to change your revalidation date to coincide with your CCT we normally set this for around two months following your CCT date. This is to allow for any last minute changes that may occur and give plenty of time for a recommendation to be made.

A recommendation made on completion of training can only be submitted once an outcome 6 at ARCP has been awarded. If an outcome 4 is received and a recommendation to revalidate is due, we will ensure that a recommendation is also submitted.

We are able to submit recommendations at any point whilst you are 'under notice'. This is the period of 120 days prior to your submission date. Therefore, as soon as you have had your final ARCP we can submit a recommendation - we won't need to wait until your actual CCT date or revalidation submission date.








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