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Specialty Schools

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Out of Programme (OOP) Information

  • Out of Programme and Unpaid Leave Guidance
  • Out of Programme Application Form - specialty training
  • Out of Programme Application Form - General Practice
  • Pension - Career Break Guidance
  • Revalidation - Out of Programme Guidance
  • Leave: parental leave, career’s leave, bereavement leave

Need to know if these are links to documents or if we can link to an existing page. Don't want to guess where to link as there can be similar content on multiple pages on our site.

Advice for pregnant trainees

  • Working during pregnancy (night, on calls, how to arrange maternity leave)
  • Financial and annual leave entitlements
  • Return to work

Can't find any existing info on this. Need to know details and make a page for it, or if we can just link to Medical & Dental Policies, Procedures and Guidelines



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Useful links

  • Gold Guide

  • Postgraduate specialty Training guide

  • General Medical Council

  • Specialty College & trainee group
    > e.g. for surgeons RCS
    > ASiT

  • Unions/indemnity



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