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Oxford Specialty Schools

Health Education England - Thames Valley is the smallest local team within Health Education England, with about 2000 postgraduate medical trainees in its programmes. This allows a more personal relationship with trainers and administrators, who genuinely know individual doctors in all of our programmes.

Our trainees win more awards and prizes at postgraduate exams than the small numbers predict, which is a reflection not only of the calibre of who successfully apply to train in HEETV programmes, but the training and support available to them.

We are proud to have developed the first careers and professional support unit for trainees, and doctors in non-training posts. We also have capacity for the clinical placement of trainees from the military and a good number of ACF posts in many specialties.

Our close relationship with the University of Oxford also means we have a wide offering research opportunities and a thriving Clinical Academic Graduate School for able doctors looking for academic training and careers.

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