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Oxford Foundation School

Our Vision

The Oxford Foundation School is dedicated to the promotion of high standards of patient care, whilst ensuring the continued professional development of our foundation doctors.

We will strive to expand our range of training opportunities, offering innovative foundation placements, whilst remaining actively involved in the ongoing training and development of our foundation doctors. All placements will be designed to support, nurture and encourage the next generation of leaders in medicine and research.

The school is committed to recruiting local faculty who, as well as bringing their expertise, also bring enthusiasm for the Foundation Programme.

In November 2013 we completed a thorough review of all the rotations with a competency mapping exercise which demonstrated that 99% of the rotations delivered the ability for trainees to achieve all competencies. We are committed to learning and responding to evaluation and feedback about our programme.


The Oxford Foundation School was established in 2005 to deliver high quality integrated two year training programmes to prepare medical graduates to enter specialty training in the NHS.

The Oxford Foundation Programme enables medical graduates to consolidate, develop and demonstrate the Foundation Programme Curriculum outcomes, and marry their aspirations and abilities with service need.

Foundation doctors are matched to a two year programme from their Foundation Programme application. Most year one foundation programmes involve 3 x 4 month placements, and all year two foundation programmes are 3 x 4 months. Many foundation doctors spend part of their training in a community setting including general practice, psychiatry, community paediatrics, palliative care, geriatrics, rheumatology/rehabilitation, public health and genitourinary medicine.

Working in partnership with the University of Oxford and NHS Trusts the Oxford Foundation School also offer 24, two year, integrated academic foundation placements to enable foundation doctors to develop research skills and explore academia as a career.

Please visit The Foundation Programme for all information relating to Foundation Training.


Dr Anne Edwards

Foundation School Director and Associate Dean
Oxford Foundation School

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