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2019 ARCP Process


The Oxford Foundation School ARCP evidence deadline 2019 will be announced in the New Year

Requirements for satisfactory completion of F1 / F2 are listed in the FP Reference Guide (p 55-57/68/69 and available on the Horus Support Site (F1/F2).


Timetable of Completion




Clinical Supervisor to have completed final ‘End of Placement Report’


Educational Supervisor to have completed ‘End of Year Report’


Trainees to ensure e-Portfolio (Horus) completed (including Form R)


FTPDs to undertake ARCPs (electronically, not face-to-face)


Completed ARCP/sign off forms to be returned to the Foundation School



The requirements for satisfactory completion of F1/F2 Foundation Programme are described in the Foundation Programme Curriculum (2016) and Foundation Programme Reference Guide (2017) (page 55-57 F1 and p.68-69 F2)

Requirements for satisfactory completion of F1

Requirements for satisfactory completion of F2

Form R

In order to complete Form R, please log in to Horus and follow the instructions:

1)    Go to Forms (start new) menu

2)    Mandatory forms for each year

3)    Select ‘Form R’

4)    Select ‘Create’ next to the rotation of which you need to complete the Form R

5)    Read the important guidance at the start of the form and the instruction throughout carefully

6)    Complete all mandatory fields in the form – or you can ‘Save (leave as draft) if you are not sure of some of the information.

7)    You must save and submit the form before your ARCP panel meets.


If you are on the old e-Portfolio, Form R can be found under ‘Forms’ Tab.


ARCP Panel

The ARCP in foundation is completed electronically via your ePortfolio (Horus). A review of every foundation doctor’s achievements and progression, using evidence within the e-Portfolio (Horus) and other resources will be done by an ARCP Panel.

The panel will consist of at least three panel members; one of which will be a registered and licensed medical practitioner on the specialist or GP register.

The panel typically comprises of the FTPD (Chair of the panel) and two other members. Additional /other members could include:

·         A postgraduate centre manager/other senior administrator

·         Clinical supervisor

·         Educational supervisor

·         Lay representative

·         External trainer

·         Employer representative

·         External deanery/foundation school representative

Please note that a satisfactory completion of F1  or F2 result in your ARCP is only a recommendation for sign off. It is not the same or equivalent to your F1CC or FPCC which you will receive if successfully signed off.

For further information regarding F1 or F2 sign off please see F1 Sign Off & GMC Registration or F2 Sign Off 



Last updated 21/21/2018

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