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F1 Sign off Process 2018

At the end of Foundation Year 1, trainees are required to apply for Full Registration with the General Medical Council (GMC).

Oxford Foundation School acts on behalf of the Oxford Medical School and is responsible for processing GMC registration  applications for Oxford graduates and non-UK graduates only.  UK graduates from non-Oxford medical schools need to contact their home deanery for information on the process and deadlines that their home deanery will be following.

All trainees must complete the online GMC National Training Survey 2018 in order receive full F1 sign off. To access the survey please use your unique Survey Access Code that you have received from the GMC (the survey will open at the end of March 2018 and you will be sent your login details directly by the GMC) . If you have not received your unique Survey Access Code please visit the GMC survey registration page.


F1 Sign Off

Requirements for satisfactory completion of F1


Certificate of Experience

All Oxford Medical School and international graduates working within the Oxford Foundation Programme must send their Certificate of Experience (CoE) to Oxford Foundation School, Health Education England Thames Valley, Thames Valley House, 4150 Chancellor Court, John Smith Drive, Oxford Business Park South, Oxford OX4 2GX.  These forms must be received by the Oxford Foundation School no later than Monday 2nd July 2018.  The application process for full GMC registration will take place in June-July 2018.

Please note that your F1 Certificate of Completion will be generated on your ePortfolio (Horus).  You will be able to print this if required.  We will send a copy of your F1 Certificate of Completion to your home medical school so that they can process your GMC registration.

Doctors applying for registration, and prospective employers, can check whether the application has been granted by searching the register on the GMC website.

A trainee must not undertake an F2 post or any clinical duties that require full registration until their application for full registration has been processed and granted. A trainee must allow ample time for the registration process to be completed, to ensure that full GMC registration is in place before the start of an F2 post.


GMC Online Application

The GMC will contact you with instructions and a reminder to check your access details on ‘GMC Online’. You will need to enter your GMC reference number and your password. Ensure that you know your GMC pin and password, and make sure that they are still active. Please check these as soon as possible because replacement log-in details may take ten working days to process.

How to register:

  • Go to the GMC website and ‘GMC Online’ and complete your application. This also involves paying a registration fee online.
  • You will be asked to confirm the date you wish your full registration to begin, which (unless you are expecting a delay to your sign off and/or start to your F2 year) is 1 August 2018.
  • For UK F1 doctors, after paying the fee you will be able to print off the ‘Certificate of Experience’ generated by the registration (the form will already have your name, your Medical School name, and your GMC reference number on it). For EEA and IMG doctors, you can apply online; however you will be sent a Certificate of Experience separately and will not be able to download a copy online.
  • Download the ‘Certificate of Experience’ (if UK doctor), save it as Word or PDF document, and email it to the relevant contact or print it out and send it by post to the relevant contact at your home Deanery/medical school (If EEA or IMG) (See the F1 Sign Off Contacts List available on the GMC website). Please note that the form has to be blank, do not sign it or write anything on it.
  • The ‘Certificate of Experience’ should reach that office by 2th July 2018 at the latest.
  • It is each doctor’s responsibility to submit the required form directly to their own Medical School area by the specified deadline.  See the contacts list on the GMC website for details of where to direct any queries.


Fitness to Practise (FTP)

All doctors applying for registration are asked to complete a declaration of fitness to practise and final declaration, further information can be found on the GMC website.


Non-UK Graduates

If you have graduated from a medical school outside the UK, you are required to submit additional information to the GMC to complete the full registration process. We are therefore asking all non-UK Graduates within Oxford Foundation School to include a stamped, self-addressed envelope when passing their CoE to their Foundation Programme Director / Coordinator so that the Foundation School can send this documentation back to you. The Foundation School will not pass your CoE document on to the GMC on your behalf.

Please note: The Oxford Foundation School will retain an electronic copy of your CoE. It is also strongly recommended that you take a copy of it before you send it to the Foundation School. If you do not do this, and want a copy at a later date, please email us ( ) to request a copy. Please remember to include the address that you would like your form posted/emailed to.


For information about ARCPs please see the webpage ARCP Details.


Last updated 05/03/2018


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