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F2 Sign off Process 2018

All F2's must complete the following in order to achieve sign off: 

  • 12 months of F2 training, including appropriate attendance at formal teaching sessions;
  • 6 Mini-CEX (minimum) plus 3 other observed encounters, 6 CBD and 2 TAB assessments completed;
  • Valid ALS certificate;
  • Completion of the National GMC Survey;
  • Completion of the UKFPO National Careers Destination Survey.


Foundation Programme Certificate of Completion (FPCC) will be created by the Foundation School Team on ePortfolio (Horus). 

You will need proof of Foundation competencies when applying for specialty training.

Foundation Training Programme Directors should inform the Director of the Oxford Foundation School if any trainees are unlikely to be signed off, for whatever reason. Documentary evidence will be required of any problems or gaps in training, competencies, assessments or other reasons for not signing the trainee off.
For the full list of requirements for a satisfactory completion of F2 please visit our ARCP 2018 webpage.
Last updated 01/03/2018
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