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Oxford Foundation School Trainee Forum

In 2006, the Modernising Medical Careers programme introduced the concept of the ‘Foundation Forum’. The aim was to give Foundation doctors the opportunity to provide feedback about their placements, discuss training experiences and contribute ideas for enhancing Foundation training.

The Oxford Foundation Programme is delivered in Buckinghamshire/Berkshire and Oxfordshire, across five acute trusts and each Trust has an active Foundation Forum. These are usually attended by a group of trainee representatives and supported by the Foundation Training Programme Directors (FTPDs) and/or the Directors of Medical Education

This resource is designed and managed by Foundation doctors for Foundation doctors.
It contains information from all the five individual forums with contacts for both the Foundation Programme Training Directors (FPTD) and forum members.

Every three months the FTPDs, Foundation Programme Director and regional Reps meet to discuss Foundation Training Issues. 

Updates From Committee Meetings


Foundation Training Programme Directors Committee Meeting

The Foundation School believes it is essential for trainees to have a voice. Therefore a trainee from each of the five Trusts attends the quarterly meetings.  They represent the views of their fellow trainees and provide valuable trainee feedback to the Oxford Foundation School.

Contact your local Trainee Representative:

Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust:

Angus Tulloch,

Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust:

Simrit Kudhail,

Milton Keynes Hospital NHS Foundation Trust:

Stephanie Taylor:

Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust:

Catriona Daly,

Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust:

Faisal Siddiqui,


The HETV Trainees’ Advisory Committee (TAC)

The TAC was set up in 2010; it is a body of trainees from across all specialty schools. It aims to represent all HETV trainees, providing a two-way means of communication between HETV and the trainee body, as well as a direct point of contact to the Postgraduate Dean and Executive Committee.

Each Foundation Forum will now have a representative on the TAC, ensuring the Foundation trainees are fully represented in this group.


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