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Intensive Care Medicine Course - 20 July 2019

This is one day training course aimed at Foundation doctors/CMTs/ACCS and core anaesthetic trainees, junior trust fellows who have an upcoming ICU rotation and/or has an interest in critical care, and are novice to intensive care medicine.

Check with your TPD/Educational Supervisor re. funding from your study budget.

Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on

Please apply online, using the link found on the bottom of the flyer.


GMC FY2 Pilot - Volunteers Needed - Honorarium of £350 for volunteering

The GMC are recruiting for FY2 volunteers to assist with our GMC FY2 pilot assessments. Doctors who have worked in one of the specialties below for four months or more during the past year are eligible to attend. 

·         Urology

·         Rheumatology

·         Care of the Elderly

·         Cardiology

·         ENT

Volunteers will receive an honorarium of £350 plus lunch and travel expenses.

Please see flyer here.

To find out more please contact:


CPR Petition for Schools

An FY2 doctor in the Midlands started a scheme called #CPRinSchools. A petition has been started to try to get government funding for teaching school children to do basic CPR .

#CPR in schools is a national prize-winning programme for trainee healthcare professionals from all disciplines to teach Basic Life Support Skills to children in schools across the country:

*Teaching children life-saving skills.

*Inspiring children to have careers in the NHS.

This petition calls on the government to fund a national programme of training in CPR in schools.

Click this link to see the petition.


Leadership Development for Doctors in Training

There has been a huge project across TV and Wessex in the last year, alongside the NHS Leadership Academy to develop a multi specialty framework for leadership development, as laid out in the Swanwick report of 2016. This project launches this spring with a series of workshops for doctors in training, alongside a resource for both trainers and trainees to find useful material to support leadership development. Bookings are high for the first few workshops.

The workshops (Language of Leadership) can be booked through the CBMS link on the Deanery website 

We have provided a number of workshops for supervisors in the last year to refresh / up skill / provide CPD opportunities in   development and coaching your trainees in leadership behaviours, which have been well received, particularly from the  trainers in the non-acute trusts. We will be advertising more dates shortly.

For more information please click here


RECON (Respiratory Complications after Abdominal Surgery) Project

A great opportunity to take part in a project looking to recruit medical students with junior doctors supervising them, to collect data on operative respiratory complications, across multiple hospital sites.

For the application form please click here.

To find out more about this project, please contact 

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