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Support with your ePortfolio, Personal Development Plan and getting ready for your Annual Review of Competence Progression

New to ePortfolio? Need support on how to write a PDP ? Need to get ready for your upcoming ARCP ?

Please click on the links to view informative videos that will help you on your way!

An introduction to the Foundation Training Portfolio and ARCP Video Series

How do I get started with my electronic portfolio

What is a Personal development Plan (PDP) and why do I need one

How do I write a Personal Development Plan (PDP)

What is the Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP) and who is invited?

Getting ready for Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP)


Generic Careers Advice for Foundation Doctors

Careers "advice," perhaps better described as "support" really falls into two categories - signposting to information and 1 to 1 exploration through coaching. Please refer to the flyer (pdf) for more information from Phil Skeldon, Support Manager, Professional Support Unit, Thames Valley.


Pastoral Support

Medical work is inherently stressful, and any Foundation Trainees with work-related or personal difficulties are encouraged to contact Medic Support. This organisation, funded by Oxford Deanery, provides free, confidential help to trainee doctors and dentists in Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Berkshire.

Foundation trainees are also advised to discuss any issues with their local Foundation Training Programme Director in the first instance.

If you notice a Trainee Doctor that requires assistance, then please refer to the Oxford Deanery Protocol for Supporting Doctors and Dentists in Training document for further guidance and information.

Happily most of our trainees will enjoy the challenges presented by their foundation training and progress through their programme without problems. However from time to time the unexpected happens and help may be needed. We are fortunate in having an excellent team supporting the foundation programme throughout our trusts and other partners. Any of these individuals would be well equipped to advise and support you. In addition, the Deanery foundation team is always happy to be contacted and/or visited. We aim to be flexible and sympathetic to trainees who find themselves in situations that may interfere with their ability to complete the programme, or who are struggling for whatever reason. We would always encourage you to alert us to potential problems sooner rather than later. Similarly if you are concerned for a colleague please do not hesitate to seek advice.



Careers Development Unit

The revamped Career Development Unit website now has dates for the MedicCareers workshops Your Career – Thinking Ahead taking place for F1s across the deanery.

The Foundation School is keen that F1 doctors are given every opportunity to attend a workshop, and can attend in another education centre if this is convenient for them – they need to email the contact listed.


Foundation Career workshops for Foundation Doctors

Please find flyer for upcoming workshops - Flyer


Medical Careers

The NHS medical careers website has proved a success since its launch in July 2009 and currently has approximately 26,000 visitors per month. The website is funded by the Department of Health and is aimed at all UK postgraduate doctors in training and is free to use.

The site has a dedicated section for foundation doctors which will help you to plan your medical career in a structured and well-considered way using a four-stage career planning model. The site contains over 1,500 pages which contain information, interactive self-evaluation tools, materials, videos and other resources. There are comprehensive overviews on over 60 specialties with links to workforce statistics and competition ratios to guide you in your career decision.

In November 2010 an external evaluation found that the website had influenced the specialty decision of 52% of F1 and 64% of F2 users of the site. An early awareness of how to manage your career and the options available should aid your choice into specialty and beyond.

NEW - Anaesthetics Careers Day - 20 October 2017 - Liverpool

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Equality and Diversity

The Oxford Foundation School aims to remove any barriers which might deter people of the highest ability from applying to it as junior doctors. The Foundation School seeks to provide an inclusive environment which values diversity and maintains a training environment in which the rights and dignity of all its junior doctors are respected to assist them in reaching their full potential.

No prospective or actual junior doctor will be treated less favourably than any other, whether before, during or after their period of training on one or more of the following grounds, except when such treatment is within the law and determined by lawful requirements: age; colour; disability; ethnic origin; marital status; nationality; national origin; parental status; race; religion or belief; gender; or sexual orientation.

The Foundation School has approved a separate Equal Opportunity and Diversity Policy to meet the specific obligations of equality legislation. If you have a complaint relating to your training on any of the above grounds you should inform your Foundation Training Programme Director immediately and also the Foundation School Director.


Raising awareness of GP specialty recruitment

Please see flyer for GP career opportunities - flyer (pdf)

NEW - Local Careers Evening - 31 August at the John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford. 6pm start, includes buffet dinner.

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