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Welcome to the Oxford Foundation School

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We look forward to working with you in the two years that you will be spending in the Oxford Foundation School.

The vast majority of you will enjoy a straightforward progression through your training and through the different trusts and specialties that you expect to be working in.

Oxford Structure

The Foundation Programme has the foundation doctor at its core, supported by the Clinical and Educational Supervisors. In turn, they are supported by the FTPD’s, Clinical Tutors and the Directors of Medical Education. All these roles are further supported by the Oxford Foundation School within the Oxford  structure.

                                      An image of the Oxford Deanery Structure, with the Foundation Doctor at the center circled by Clinical & Educational Supervisors, Foundation Programme Directors and Directors of Medical Education, Foundation School and the Deanery each in turn.                           

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Foundation School Director (FSD)

Dr Anne Edwards is the Foundation School Director and an Associate Dean based at the Thames Valley Office. Dr Edwards is also a consultant in Genitourinary Medicine in Oxford and spends her clinical time working at the Churchill Hospital. The FSD has overall responsibility for the foundation school and works very closely with the Foundation Training Programme Directors based in the Acute Trusts and with foundation leads based in the Mental Health Trust and in Primary Care and other settings. She is always happy to be approached about any problem or issue that you may not be able to resolve locally or where you would prefer advice, help and support outside the hospital in which you are working.

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Foundation School Manager (FSM)

Mr George Fahey, the Foundation School Manager, is based in the Oxford Deanery and is responsible for overall administration of the foundation programme and should be your first point of contact if you have any queries about your post or rotations, including special circumstances or plans for taking time out. The FSM works extremely closely with the FSD and also with the postgraduate centre administrators in various trusts in which you will be working.

Please do not hesitate to contact George Fahey ( if you have any queries, who will do his best to find out the answers for you as quickly as possible.

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Foundation Training Programme Director (FTPD)

In all the acute trusts Health Education England, Thames Valley appoints Foundation Training Programme Directors who have special responsibility for between 20 and 40 trainees in any one trust. The FTPD’s will usually introduce themselves to you at induction, and if not at induction will make sure that you know who they are and how to contact them. The FTPD’s work closely with the FSD and FSM to ensure your smooth progress through the foundation programme. They appoint your educational supervisor for each year of training. The ES will meet you regularly to ensure your smooth progress through foundation training. If you have any problems, anxieties or concerns, they are very happy to help and provide appropriate support.

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Foundation Programme Lead (FPL)

In the Oxford Health NHS Trust, Dr Theodoros.Bargiotas is the Foundation Programme Lead covering Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire.  He will provide help and information to anyone working as a Foundation doctor within the Trust.

In the Primary Care Trust in Oxford where there are a small number of foundation trainees, Dr Premila Webster is the FPL and is very happy to provide help and support to trainees coming in to public health.

In General Practice, Mr Richard Mumford is the FPL and will be able to answer generic questions about your GP placement. For trainees in the OUH, Richard will also be involved in allocating F2s to a GP practice. You will also be allocated a clinical supervisor  during your time in GP. The CS will link up to Richard and your foundation training programme director in the area in which you are working. Again, all of our trainers are supportive and helpful and you will be advised closer to the time that you take up your General Practice appointment who your CS will be.

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Medical Education Managers (MEM) (formerly Postgraduate Centre Manager)

Your local Medical Education Manager is responsible for the smooth running of postgraduate training (including foundation) in your trust. They are responsible for organising induction, the teaching sessions, monitoring how your assessments are going and helping with any problems that might arise. If you need help, support or advice your local MEM will often be the first port of call.

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Foundation School Board – F1 & F2 Representatives

The Foundation School Board meets every year and is a multidisciplinary forum in which we discuss any matters relating to the Oxford Foundation School. There are representatives from the Medical School/F1 and F2 intakes. Your representatives will be in touch before Board meetings to ask you if there are any issues you might wish to raise.

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