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Oxford School of Paediatrics

The School of Paediatrics oversees all aspects of training in Paediatrics in the Oxford Deanery. The Oxford Deanery includes Paediatric training in a range of Community and Acute Trusts, providing a varied and interesting training. The hospitals in the rotations are the new Children's Hospital in Oxford, Milton Keynes General Hospital, Stoke Mandeville Hospital in Aylesbury and Wycombe General Hospital in High Wycombe (both in the Buckinghamshire Hospitals NHS Trust), Wexham Park Hospital and the Royal Berkshire in Reading.

Training Programme

Contact Information:

  • Training Programme Director (ST1 - 3), Dr. Amit Gupta
  • Training Programme Director (ST4 - 8), Dr. Geetha Anand
  • Regional Advisor, Dr Keya Ali
  • Programme Manager, Miss Maxine Grout
  • Head of School, Dr Nicola Pritchard 



The School of Paediatrics oversees all aspects of training in Paediatrics in the Oxford Deanery, which encompasses the northern area of Heath Education Thames Valley. The Oxford Deanery covers Oxfordshire, Berkshire, and Buckinghamshire. It also includes paediatric training in a range of community and Acute Trusts, providing a varied and interesting training.

The School of Paediatrics offers training for the full eight years, from ST1 - ST8, including a number of National Grid training programmes for those who wish to sub-specialise. The training programme will be developed further over the next year, however, all ST1 - ST3 trainees are encouraged to subscribe to the RCPCH master course, to help them pass the Membership of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health examination.

We have strong links with the University of Oxford, and offer encouragement to those who want to follow an academic career, with three Clinical Lecturer slots. Oxford has a strong tradition of less than full time training (LtFTT) and this is encouraged. Inter-deanery transfers are also welcomed. Geographically, this is a large Deanery, with access to beautiful countryside; in particular, the Chiltern Hills and the Cotswolds.

Training Hospitals:

  • Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
  • Frimley Health NHS Foundation  Trust (Wexham Park Hospital)
  • Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust
  • Milton Keynes University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
  • Royal Berkshire Foundation NHS Trust
  • Northampton General Hospitals NHS Trust


Essential and Desirable Courses for Paediatric Trainees (Study Leave)

The School of Paediatrics recognises that the list of essential/desirable courses may not be complete.  The Head of School, Dr Nicola Pritchard, would like to see all applications for the following (prior to approval being given):

  • overseas events
  • events not on the list
  • events classed as desirable
  • events requiring more than five days of study leave
  • events costing more than £1000, or more than £300 travel


Page updated 28/01/2019

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