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Applying for CCT or CESR

At their last review, subject to satisfactory progress, a trainee will be awarded an ARCP 6. Health Education England, Thames Valley local office will send a copy of the outcome form to the trainee and the College, and record the outcome on the database.


The JCST provide guidance for trainees applying for their CCT or CESR (CP) application and have recently introduced a new process, available on the JCST website, for those whose CCT or CESR (CP) date is on or after 1 June 2016.

Each SAC has now provided guidelines to identify what a trainee applying for CCT will normally be expected to have achieved during their training programme, please ensure you have made yourself familiar with these guidelines ahead of your final ARCP . 

The JCST require the following paperwork in order to process a CCT application:

  • Completed and signed ARCP 6 form
  • Validated consolidation sheets of your logbook for the entirety of training signed by the Training Programme Director
  • Up to date CV
  • Final Report from the Training Programme Director
  • College Notification Form signed by the Postgraduate Dean
  • APLS Certificate (Paediatric Surgery or Otolaryngology trainees only)
  • Up-to-date ATLS (StR s only and only certain specialties)
  • CCT Guidelines Form (General Surgery StR s only)
  • Certification document review (Paediatric Surgery only)



The easiest way to obtain the appropriate signatures for much of the above is to ensure that paperwork is available at your final review. If this paperwork is submitted to HEETV local office prior to the final review date please ensure this is highlighted to the Specialty Programme Co-ordinator so that it can be made available on the review date.

Please liaise with the Specialty Programme Co-ordinator regarding getting your College Notification Form signed by the Postgraduate Dean. Please note that the Postgraduate Dean will not sign the College Notification Form until the ARCP 6 form has been signed off by both the trainee and Training Programme Director.

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