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Oxford Surgical Trainee Group (OSTG)

The Oxford Surgical Trainee Group (OSTG) is a shadow School of Surgery Board entirely made up from trainee representatives. It consists of a trainee representative from each of the higher surgical specialities and core surgery.

The group is chaired by the elected higher surgical trainee representative who sits on the HETV Trainee Advisory Committee (TAC) and the Board of Surgery as a trainee representative. The OSTG meets quarterly in line with TAC and the Board of Surgery meeting schedule.

The OSTG acts as a two-way channel of communication between the surgical trainee body and both the HETV Trainees’ Advisory Committee (TAC) and School of Surgery Board. By harnessing the group experience of surgical trainees in the region, the OSTG aims to highlight areas of concern or in need of improvement. It also facilitates the dissemination of training relevant information and high quality practice.

The aims of the OSTG are:

  1. To provide the School of Surgery Board & HETV Executive committee with an overview of surgical training needs within the region.
  2. To provide feedback on surgical training, teaching and placements in different hospitals, as experienced by HETV surgical trainees to the Head of School and Postgraduate Dean.
  3. To relay information from the Head of School and Postgraduate Dean in a transparent and effective way to all trainee surgeons
  4. To improve surgical training across the deanery and provide better communication between HETV and surgical trainees.


Current Speciality Representatives include:


Jenny Isherwood


Nick Beresford-Cleary

General Surgery & LTFT

Rebecca Grossman


Kamran Gaba


Daniel Moualed


Alex Armstrong


Riosin Finn


Keaton Jones


Sid Gowrishankar




Kat Ford


Cat Hobbs

ASiT Rep

John Mason

Core Rep

Kasia Bera

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