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Postgraduate Certificate in Clinical Education

This course will not be running after the completion of the 2017 course.

It will be replaced with a newly developed Educational Supervisors Course.  Details below

From 2018 it will be compulsory to complete this course in order to become a new Educational Supervisor for GP specialty trainees (ST1 - ST3).

If you would like to undertake GP training in your practice, this course is the first step in becoming a trainer and a training practice. After completing this course, as long as you fulfil the essential criteria, you will need to have a Training Practice Visit to gain approval for training.

This interactive course will help you develop the skills needed to support a GP trainee through their training. It is designed around the following strands to provide a grounding in all the knowledge and skills needed for GP training: * Navigating HEETV and GP training * MRCGP assessments * Delivering tutorials * Providing feedback * Coaching and mentoring skills * Supervision in practice

There is no formal assessment during the course, however, there are a few activities that you will be asked to complete before and between the units to help you prepare. 

The first course starting in November 2017 is now full.  Future dates to be advertised shortly. 


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