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Trainer Approval Process

Process for Reapproval of Existing Trainers

  1. Deanery writes to trainer (usually one year in advance) to inform them of when approval expires and ask them to confirm whether or not they wish to be re-approved.
  2. Deanery emails copy of application/report form (OXVT3) together with the course organiser report form (OXVT10) to trainer. Deanery assigns team leader and Practice Manager to visit.
  3. Deanery gives details of practice to be visited to team leader.
  4. Deanery inform trainer who the team leader will be.
  5. Team leader arranges visit date with trainer and Practice Manager.
  6. Team leader informs Deanery of visit date.
  7. Deanery arranges for two trainers to accompany team leader on visit.
  8. Deanery informs team leader of full visiting team, emails copy of application/report form. (if received by this time) and posts all other documents.
  9. Deanery informs trainer of full visiting team.
  10. Team leader writes to trainer giving a suggested timetable for the visit.
  11. Team leader writes report with help from other team members and emails to the Deanery.
  12. Deanery send copy report to trainer for comments before Appointments Committee.
  13. Appointments Committee meet quarterly to review all applications.
  14. Deanery write to trainer, with copies to team leader, course organiser and visiting Practice Manager, informing them of the outcome of their application.
  15. Deanery writes to relevant authority informing them of the trainer’s approval. Maximum approval for existing trainers is three years.


All attachments should to be embedded into the OXVT3 form.

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