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Programme Contacts

School of General Practice - Deanery Staff

Name / Position Contact Details
GP Dean  

Richard Mumford

Acting GP Dean

Tel: 01865 785572

Barbara Gow
GP School Manager

Tel: 01865 785583 

Monika Lemanska

GP School Administrator

(Finance Queries / Practice Nurse Training / Retainer Scheme)

Tel: 01865 785581


Vicky Wynn

Recruitment and Assessment Administrator

(Trainee ePortfolio / ARCP)

Tel: 01865 785582


Educator Development Assessment Administrator 

(Trainer Approval Visits / Courses)

Tel: 01865 785580


Associate GP Deans

Name Area / Task
Michael Mulholland Oxford (Interim)
Richard Jones

Selection & Recruitment



Chris Morris

Milton Keynes (Interim)

Michael Mulholland Buckinghamshire
Kim Emerson Assessments
ARCP Panels
Andy Goode (Acting) Berkshire West
Chris Morris Berkshire East 
Maggie Woods Continuing Professional Development (CPD)


Workforce Development Tutors

Area Contact Details
Berkshire West

Maggie Woods,

I&R Scheme Ann Howard,
Retainer Scheme

Michael Mulholland


GP Vocational Training Schemes

Area Directors Administrators Website Trusts
Bucks (Aylesbury/Wycombe)

Associate GP Dean

Michael Mulholland
Programme Directors

Alex Bates / Rachel Boyce / Tom Davies / Mark Reed / Lee Aye

Debbie Comley
01494 426015
Buckinghamshire VTS Buckinghamshire Hospitals NHS Trust

Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust
North Oxfordshire

Associate GP Dean:
Richard Jones

Programme Directors:

Nina Brown / Suzie Gill / Ann Sanders 

Stella Northover
01295 229314
North Oxfordshire VTS Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust

Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust
Milton Keynes

Associate GP Dean:

Chris Morris
Programme Directors

Jenny Gavriel / George Gavriel / Chris Longstaff

01908 243823

Milton Keynes VTS  Milton Keynes General NHS Trust

Associate GP Dean:
Michael Mulholland
Programme Directors:

Gareth Evans / Sanjay Trivedi / Emily Blount

VTS Course Manager: Aisling Hennessy Oxford VTS Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust

Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust
Reading and Newbury

Acting Associate GP Dean:

Andy Goode
Programme Directors:

Tamara Cunningham /  Andy Goode / Anna Magnusson

VTS Course Manager:

Roland Hardyman

 0118 322 7680 Reading and Newbury VTS Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust

Berkshire Healthcare NHS Trust

Associate GP Dean:

Chris Morris
Programme Directors

Barbara Alberts / Shareen Hallas / Sufian Jabbar
VTS Co-ordinator:

David Taylor

01753 634384

Windsor VTS

Heatherwood & Wexham Park Hospitals NHS Trust


Berkshire Healthcare NHS Trust

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