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Anaesthesia Training Information

Information on CT1 Anaesthetics Interviews.

Please refer to this page for information on what documents to bring to interview.  Please see this document from the Anaesthetics National Recruitment Office about what information to include in your portfolio of evidence. 

Contact Information:

Training Programme Director Stephen Snyders CT1 and 2
Desi Choi ST3 - 7
Regional Advisor Anne Gregg
Head of School Vivian Addy
Programme Manager Maxine Grout



This programme aims to provide a very high quality of Anaesthetic training. Trainees will be appointed to the rotation, not to specific hospitals. Posting will be arranged by the TPD taking into account firstly the training requirements of all the trainees, then specific individual requirements and finally personal preferences.

Trainees will usually spend years 3, 6 & 7 in Oxford. A period of OOPE for research or sub-specialty training is encouraged.

Training Rotations:

The hospitals on the training rotation:

  • Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals (includes Horton Hospital, Banbury)
  • Royal Berkshire Hospital (Reading)
  • Stoke Mandeville Hospital (Aylesbury)
  • Milton Keynes General Hospital
  • Wycombe General Hospital (High Wycombe)
  • Wexham Park Hospital (Slough)
  • Great Western Hospital (Swindon)


Study Leave:

Essential and Desirable Courses for Core Anaesthetic Trainees

Essential and Desirable Courses for Specialist Anaesthetic Trainees

Essential and Desirable Courses for Intensive Care Medicine Trainees

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