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School of Histopathology

Study Leave

Recommended Courses and Study Days for Trainees in Histopathology, Diagnostic Neuropathology, and Paediatric and Perinatal Pathology


There is a new process in place for accessing study leave budgets for trainees, as of 6 April 2018. The process is now HEE-managed centrally, although applications will still be made through the employing Trust. For guidance on Study Leave and Study Budget Arrangements, please see the Oxford Deanery website.

Please can all trainees and Educational Supervisors refer to this new guidance document as this includes essential information.

We have been asked to provide the Deanery with a list of mandatory and recommended/approved courses and study days for histopathology trainees. This list cannot be exhaustive as there are regularly new courses and study days which become available, however it is intended as a guide. If a course/study day is not on the list then consideration should be made as to how this will aide a trainee to fulfil curriculum requirements/personalised work schedule/personal development plan. It is then the role of the Educational Supervisor to approve study leave requests from trainees in accordance with this. If there are any questions about the application or the process, these should be addressed to the Training Programme Director in the first instance.

The list will need to be kept up to date, and therefore if there are courses/study days not listed that it is felt ought to be, then please contact the Head of School.

Please also consider the availability of bursaries for some courses/conferences, from organisations such as the BDIAP and the Pathological Society; these are often offered for study days and annual meetings. For those training in Neuropathology, the British Neuropathology Society (BNS) offer travel bursaries that may be available for some courses.

Society Memberships and Bursaries

Trainees should consider, and are strongly encouraged, to join the BDIAP, the Pathological Society, and the Association of Clinical Pathologists (ACP). There are reduced rates for members for registration at events organised by these societies, and bursaries are offered for members. Some of the ACP events are free for members. Neuropathology trainees are encouraged to join the BNS. Paediatric and Perinatal Pathology trainees are encouraged to join the British and Irish Paediatric Pathology Association (BRIPPA).


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