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There is an alternate month, whole day training organised centrally for ST1/2 trainees. It is based on the basic modules of the RCOG curriculum. This is protected time and trainees will be released from their units - although there may be rare occasions when this is not possible. Further teaching sessions are held locally in each unit and focus on the basic practical skills which are required; these are often in conjunction with trainees from other Schools (such as GP or Foundation). Multidisciplinary training is very much encouraged.


There is a protected weekly half day of teaching on a Friday afternoon which all trainees are expected to attend. This covers the intermediate curriculum and syllabus for Part 2 MRCOG. There may be occasions when units cannot release all the trainees to attend because of rota commitments. There is also an alternate month Regional Study Day. The training programme aims to cover much of the RCOG curriculum, as well as relevant and contemporary topics. All trainees are required to keep an attendance record. Any problems with accessing the programme should be discussed with the College Tutor or ST3/5 teaching lead.


There are two formal teaching days for those at ST 6/7; one at the Royal Berks involving high-fidelity simulation, and one at the JRH focusing on the non-clinical aspects of becoming a Consultant. Trainees at this level are also expected to attend their mandatory ATSM courses.


Oxford Scientific Forum for Obstetrics and Gynaecology is an annual study day which all trainees and Consultants attend. Trainees have the opportunity to present their work, with prizes being awarded for oral and poster presentations, and there are also external speakers. Details of teaching and sent by e-mail; please contact the Teaching Lead if you have any queries or need to be added to the mailing list.

ST 1/2 teaching lead       

 Miss Pampa Sarkar

ST 3-5 teaching lead

 Miss Lee Lim

ST 6/7 teaching lead

 Miss Jill Ablett


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