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I am so pleased to welcome you to the Thames Valley School of Psychiatry section of the website. As a previous research fellow and higher trainee in the former Oxford Deanery I have had first hand experience of training and then working as an adult psychiatrist for many years in the beautiful Thames Valley.  Both postgraduate training and living in the Thames Valley have so much to offer and I hope we can help you consider whether this is the School for you.

We are a relatively small School with just over 100 whole time equivalent training places across the core and higher specialty programmes.  Consequently, our Training Programme Directors can get to know you well and can advise at every stage of your training to help you make the right choices along the way.  We welcome and support Less Than Full Time Trainees in all the psychiatry programmes and ensure that training and other responsibilities or needs can be flexibly met.

Being so close to world class centres for research and medical education our trainees have access to inspirational people and in turn may become inspirational.  Our trainees have had success in the RCPsych Awards in 2014 (Core Trainee of the Year) and 2015 (Advanced Trainee of the Year).  Our trainers and their teams have been awarded the RCPsych Psychiatric Team of the Year 2017 in both the Older Age Adults and the Outstanding Commitment to Sustainable Service Development categories.  We welcome and support Academic trainees on the Integrated Academic Training Pathway in the clinical programmes and work closely with the Oxford University Clinical Academic Graduate School.

We are committed to improving the quality of our programmes.  We work closely with the provider trusts through their College Tutors and Directors of Medical Education (DMEs) to monitor feedback and take action where needed.  We also look for opportunities to incorporate new services into our programmes and in the last two years have expanded Psychological Medicine, Intellectual Disability and Child and Adolescent posts into core training.  We recently redesigned the previous MRCPsych course.  The new Oxford Postgraduate Psychiatry Course, hosted by the Oxford University Department of Psychiatry, utilises a range of teaching methods and enables core trainees to have access to university resource and facilities.  We are hoping that the course builds a firm foundation from which every trainee can grow into the psychiatrist they aspire to be.

Our website is due to be refreshed in the near future and we are working with the Thames Valley Trainee Advisory Committee to get this right.  In the mean time I hope that this website includes the information you want to find about our programmes.  For new trainees we provide a detailed introduction to the training processes at the School Induction.   In the mean time please do get in touch with us and ask your unanswered questions and let us know if there anything we should add.

Dr Jane da Roza Davis, Head of School


School of Psychiatry Programmes and Training Programme Directors:

The following training programmes are managed by the Head of School and Training Programme Directors with the support of HEETV Education Programme Manager and Education Programme Co-ordinator


The following sections briefly describe the individual programmes of the School of Psychiatry. We list the GMC approved training locations and the senior educators who manage training within the education provider trusts.  Further information about the services provided by the individual NHS Trusts can be found on their own websites.  The TPDs would be very pleased to be contacted by anyone who would like to hear more about the school programmes.


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