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General Adult & Old Age Specialty Programme

The General Adult and Old Age higher specialty programme can accommodate 26 wte clinical trainees (18 General Adult and 8 Old Age or dual CCT) across the ST4 -6/7 years. The programme can flexibly accommodate the needs of LTFT trainees.  There are opportunities for accreditation in Psychological medicine (Liaison Psychiatry) and for single CCT trainees to spend a year in another adult specialty e.g. Forensic, Medical Psychotherapy.

The NHS Trusts which contribute in this programme include Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust, Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust and Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.  Academic trainees are supported by University of Oxford. Every Trust is committed to medical education and provides a range of learning opportunities and facilities to ensure that trainees’ curricular and aspirational needs are met. Every Trust has its own educational governance system lead by their DME or education lead.

Trainees usually spend a minimum of one year in an Oxford based post but the annual post allocation process allows for some flexibility and choice across geographical areas. Trainees run their own Higher Trainee’s day twice a year for which enhances education, networking and professional development.

This programme is committed to providing excellent training and supporting trainees to exploit their potential to the maximum. With the support of team of committed and experienced CS’s and ES’s and supportive academic staff from the Department of Psychiatry University of Oxford, this programme aspires to nurture trainees into competent clinicians, keen educators, outstanding researchers and responsible professionals.

The programme welcomes and supports Academic Clinical Lecturers appointed to General Adult or Old Age through the Integrated Academic Training (IAT) partnerships and employed by Oxford University.  Academic trainees will be supported by the Oxford University Clinical Academic School (OUCAGS) and close liaison between the clinical and academic schools ensures achievement of both academic and clinical excellence.  Opportunities for locally funded academic clinical lecturers may also be available.


Training Sites for General Adult and Old Age Psychiatry

Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust (for Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire posts).


Main hospital sites:

  • Warneford Hospital
  • Littlemore Mental Health Centre
  • The Fulbrook Centre
  • The Whiteleaf Centre, Aylesbury
  • Marlborough House, Milton Keynes
  • Wallingford Community Hospital


Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust (for Berkshire posts).


Main hospital sites:

  • Prospect Park Hospital, Reading
  • Wokingham Community Hospital, Wokingham
  • Royal Berkshire Hospital, Reading (psychological medicine/liaison posts)


Oxford University NHS Foundation Trust (for Psychological Medicine/Liaison Psychiatry posts).


Main hospital site:

  • John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford


What are our trainees saying about the programme?

Priya Jayabalan ST6

“I have continued in the Thames Valley deanery as a higher trainee in General Adult psychiatry. This was my first preference of deanery as I had a good experience as a core trainee in the same deanery. I did my higher training with BHFT and Oxford Health. I should emphasise both the trusts give equal importance to enhance the clinical and academic/ research skills of the trainees. I had my research experience while working in BHFT as they have close links with Department of Neuropsychology in Reading. I found the college tutors and the TPD as very supportive and always approachable. When I had some concerns with my training and supervision in one of my posts, it was readily picked up, escalated and the problem was resolved quickly, thanks to the college tutor and the TPD. I also had an opportunity to participate in a ‘trainee leadership programme’ when training in Oxford Health where I gained some valuable leadership and management skills. Finally, I had all the support from my clinical and educational supervisors to apply for the Consultant post in the final year of my training, including guidance and giving me ‘time off’ to prepare for the interviews and pre interview visits. I am excited that I got the offer to join as a Consultant Psychiatrist in the same hospital where I did my training.”


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