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Oxford Medical Education Fellows

Oxford Deanery Medical Education Fellow Programme

The Oxford Medical Education Fellow ( OMEF ) programme aims to enable postgraduate trainees within the Deanery to develop careers as medical educators and leaders.

The OMEF programme will provide an environment in which educational activities and programmes can flourish and develop. To ensure the greatest motivation and widest generation of educational ideas, it will be led primarily by Trainees yet with Deanery support and supervision. The OMEF programme will increase the innovative learning environment and profile of the Deanery with potential learning benefits to the wider NHS .

Trainees will enter the programme (via competitive application) at the beginning of their advanced specialist training careers. The Programme will provide annual appraisals to support Medical Educational Fellows obtain their objectives and launch their careers as Medical Educators and Leaders within the Deanery and wider NHS .

This statement of intent is endorsed by Dr Stephan Hinze (MEF Lead, Neurology Registrar) and Dr Denis O'Leary (Deanery Representative ,Chair of the OMEF  and previously Head of School of Psychiatry). It can be viewed separately using the link below. Also below are the full Terms of Reference / Criteria for appointment and an application form for those who wish to apply.

OMEF Statement of Intent (pdf)

OMEF Terms of Reference/Criteria (pdf)

OMEF Application Form (Microsoft Word document)

Any queries on the OMEF process should be directed to the general email address which is Further information can be found on the Oxford Medical Education Fellows website at

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