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Trainee Advisory Committee

TAC Members

What is the Training Advisory Committee (TAC)?

Set up in 2010, it is a body of trainees (F1 to SpR) from across all specialty schools which represents all trainees. Liaises with the Postgraduate Dean, Dr Michael Bannon, and assists with upwards and downwards communication flow.

What does TAC do?

Attempts to find out about any issues or problems - and assist them. Attends management meetings (e.g, Quality Management Committee, Heads of Schools and School reviews) on behalf of all trainees and ensures our voice is heard. Can therefore raise any issues or ideas directly with those who can also assist. We also meet together every quarter.

Who makes up TAC?

In Health Education England within the Thames Valley, there are 17 specialty schools with over 1500 trainees. These trainees are represented by 37 TAC member Representatives and Deputies. There is additionally an Elected Chair, Deputy Chair and Secretary.

What can you do?

Let us know about any issues. Particularly let us know about bullying, undermining and harassment that you experience personally or see occur. We will attempt to help, and can do so confidentially. If there are any questions, no matter how big or small, please ask your School representative or Sandra Duncan, TAC Chair. Sandra can be contacted via the TAC TV email address below.
Please also let us know about good things, be that good training, good trainers or any other ideas you may have.

How can you get involved?

Become a representative in your Specialty School, engage with hospital or departmental schemes, and ask to come to TAC meetings. These are held in Chancellor Court, Oxford Business Park South.

If there are any issues, or any questions/more information required, feel free to contact the TAC at the email address below, and your email will be forwarded to the TAC Chair for a response.



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