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In addition to the Terms of Reference, here is an outline of the role of the Trainee Advisory Committee and committee members’ responsibilities. This will act to re-emphasise the roles for existing members as well as provide an introduction for new members.

The Trainee Advisory Committee provides regular, direct, two-way communication between trainees in the Thames Valley region and Health Education Thames Valley. The TAC provides a unique, anonymous platform for training related issues to be highlighted and escalated where necessary. The TAC meets on a quarterly basis with exceptional meetings held as required. Meetings usually take place at Thames Valley House in Oxford on Friday afternoons.

The TAC also offers a number of other opportunities, including feeding into the quality management and improvement processes of training in the region. This includes trainee representation on Quality Management Committee and Heads of Schools meetings, training site visits and specialty reviews.

TAC representation has been an important factor in both identifying issues and bringing about change on behalf of trainees. Members are more than welcome to be involved in any of these. Please contact the Chair, Deputy-Chair or Secretary if you wish to attend any of these.

Committee members act as a voice for their specialty. It is expected that;

  • Committee members or nominated deputies attend a minimum of two of the four quarterly meeting per year to ensure engagement from every specialty;
  • Committee members contact the trainee body they represent prior to each quarterly meeting to identify any issues;
  • If no member or deputy is able to attend a quarterly meeting, members provide a brief summary for their speciality regardless of whether there are any specific issues identified;
  • On completion of a term in office it is a requirement that the outgoing or incoming member for a specialty contacts (PA to the Post-Graduate Dean and administrative support for TAC). This is to maintain an up to date list of committee members.


Exclamation markLastly, identified issues can be raised at any time, not solely at the TAC quarterly meetings. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact .



Friday 21 September 2018 1.30 - 5.00 pm, at Chancellor Court.

Friday 7 December 2018 1.30 - 5.00 pm at Chancellor Court.



Minutes from TAC Meetings 




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